Configuring system to unfold Tidal MQA at highest setting

Roon Core Machine

My Green Computer Sonictransporter i5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear ethernet cables - hardwired

Connected Audio Devices

Sonore ultraRendu to USB input of Oppo BDP 105

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I am very confused in my attempt to unfold MQA at its highest potential. Understand that the ultraRendu should allow secondary unfolding to the non-MQA DAC in my Oppo. If someone could share what I should set Roon and each device, I would greatly appreciate it. THANK YOU

I didn’t think the ultrarendu was MQA capable?

Thanks, Rabbit, for the quick response. I’ve reviewed information from Sonore, and it is my understanding that it does the second unfolding and sends it to the DAC, but I could be wrong. I’m a real novice when it comes to all this. JB

I can’t see any mention of MQA here

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It looks like is not an MQA renderer

With MQA Roon and other software can do the first “unfold” to 88.2 or 96 kHz. Any further “unfolding” which is called rendering by MQA has to be done by an MQA capable DAC in the DAC itself as this stage is DAC specific.

I am not arguing and recognize that I am a novice. Here is what I’ve read - THANKS:

I guess the question is what do they mean by MQA unfolding? Is it MQA decoding from 44.1 and 48 to 88.2 and 96, which Roon and Tidal can do? Or do they mean MQA rendering which normally requires an MQA capable DAC?

Look at the date. That press release is 4.5 years old. It came months before Roon incorporated MQA decoding.

You are on a wild goose chase.


OK! So am I correct in thinking that the ultraRendu doesn’t really do anything more to the Roon MQA unfolding beyond what would happen with any non-MQA DAC? THANK YOU ALL FOR THE COMMENTS!

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Yes it is non MQA capable.

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