Confirm steps of changing music location

Hi, I think this is an easy one, just for reassurance before I do anything.
Currently my music (about 185,000 files) is on a NAS in a single folder called Jukebox. I am putting a clone of that entire folder onto a USB HDD which is attached direct to a PC now running ROCK.
When the clone is complete I plan to go to Settings>Storage and disable the connection to the NAS, then add the USB HDD as the new sole music source.
Will the Roon database smoothly recognise this as the same Library and go on applying all the edits, or am I inviting problems?
I have already read articles in the KB but was not sure if this specific case is addressed.

Yes I saw that, but it does not quite mirror the case I set out, or if it does then apologies for being too slow to get it.
I was hoping for just a yes or a now to my case.

Goto settings > storage and disable it.
Add the new drive/folder location
Enable the new location

It will take a little while while it chugs through and modifies the file paths in your database, but on recognizing the same music/albums/files, all your library edits should stay in place. When the spinnig wheel, top right, disappears - the update process is completed.

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Many thanks!
It seemed to make sense, but just needed some reassurance.


Hello @Simon_Chick, glad you’ve got some help here! Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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