Confused about Aries Mini [Roon Ready, v5 Firmware]

Would Roon play on Aries Mini using RAAT? How do I get it to work?

I am stuck with AirPlay which truly compromises SQ … Firmware 4.1.0 …


Hi @maxim

Roon Ready came to the Auralic Aries Mini with version 5 firmware.

Update the firmware, toggle on Roon Ready in the Aries Lightning DS software and you should be good to go.

Except that the Auralic website has 4.1.0 as current frimware for mini…

Version 5 is still in a beta version

Read the Auralic community below:

Now waiting for Roon for the certification…

So Roon certifies a piece of Aries firmware that is still beta.

Confusion …

Probably certification only applied to RoonReady code and its functionality?

Aries MIni (using firmware 5.1) is now certified by Roon in the latest build 269!

No problem of playing back/up-sampling to DSD512 :joy:

Great !
What is the DAC you are feeding with DSD512 streams from ARIES MINI ?

I’m using Holo Audio Spring DAC. If you use the Aries Mini internal DAC, it can goes up to DSD256.

I’ve listened level 1 and it’s very good DAC.
I’ve just connected my Aries Mini to my pc roon core and it works. Of course after updating firmware to beta 5.2 version. Cheers!

I noticed beta 5.2 firmware, SQ is improved compared to previous. You may want to try Holo Audio Titians, a affordable USB regen after Aries Mini which I’m using now. It sounds great!

Auralic do have their community site just like Roon: