Confused about data flow on ROCK

Still a bit confused!

  1. today my core is on an older i3 (gen4) NUC, music on a separat NAS, both wired to router, music streamed by a SB touch.
    Is music “bits” transferred from NAS to NUC and from there to SB through router?

  2. will a NUC (preferable faneless) or Nucleus containing both core and HD with music placed aside a DAC using usb connextion, in terms of sound quality be at same level as 1) solution asuming I use separate streamer and DAC?

  3. in other words, do I achive anything by separating core and music files on different units?

No, not from an SQ standpoint.

The only separation that many people effect is to move the core out of their listening space, by using a transport endpoint.

Some people don’t like to use a NAS because, in some systems, music file updates are not actively picked up by Roon; i.e. one must do a Rescan.