Confused about different Roon capabilities

I’m totally confused. My Aurilac Vega 1 DAC is listed as Roon tested but doesn’t work with Roon in any way. Have no idea what Roon tested means—tested for what? I’m now considering an Innuous Zenith 2 server which is listed as Roon Core. If I download Roon will the Innuous show up automatically? If not, can I use Roon with my audio system which is in a different part of the house than my PC (so no wires are possible)? It’s probably obvious that I’m no a techie. I just want an easy wireless way to access thousands of CDs which now are on my Naim Unitiserve hard disc (but which would be transferred to the Innuous hard disc) and to access streaming classical music on demand.

Hello @Stephen_Brown,

Thanks for submitting your questions, I have addressed them below:

  • Roon Tested means that we have performed rigorous testing on the DAC itself to ensure that they work in Roon (you can read more about this process here:

  • You will still need a Roon Core to manage this DAC when connected, so in your case you can use the Innuous Zenith 2 as a Core or you can use another Computer as the Core assuming that it meets the necessary minimum specifications.

  • You don’t download Roon to the Innuous, but you install or enable it in the Innuous itself as highlighted in this support doc from their site:

  • My question to you - Do you have an access point in the other area of the house nearby with a strong signal? If this is the case then you can use your computer provided it meets our minimum specs and connect the Aurilac Vega via USB to your Computer. Otherwise you will need a Range Extender with an Ethernet Port if you wish to use the Innuous as that that does not have WiFi built in.

  • As for where your Naim Unitiserve would fit in here, that is recommended to be connected directly to your Router via Ethernet and accessible as a Network Accessed Storage device.

The full chain is recommended to be connected as follows:

  • Naim Unitiserver -> Router (Ethernet)

  • Router -> Access Point near the destination (Ethernet) or
    Router -> Range Extender near destination (WiFi)

  • Access Point/Range Extender -> Computer (Ethernet or Wifi) or
    Access Point/Range Extender -> Innuous (Ethernet)

  • Computer/Innuous -> Auralic Vega (USB)

  • Auralic Vega -> Headphones/Speakers (Analog)