Confused: Aries + Vega + Roon software + ROON ROCK + NAS [Resolved]


Ok. I set up a Roon Rock, on a i7NUC. I sadly realized I had to buy a cheap iPad to actually talk to the Aries. Anyhow. I now see a Roon Ready Aries LE - it’s connected via LAN/wired. I do have the DOP/DSD on in Aries.

Here’s my woe. I have DSD 64, and 128 tracks that play and show on my Vega and in Roon as 352.8 kHz and 32 bit versus DSD 128 as expected. On that note I switched out and connected my PC via USB to the Vega and the DSD 128 showed as DSD64.

Where I wanted to land a few hours ago was …connect Aries via USB to Vega. Aries connected wired, and sit back and enjoy. Arguably everything sounds good, but, I’d really like to make sure I have this ‘tweaked’ right.

Roon w 1.3 ROCK on NUC i7 wired ether router. Music stored on SSD with ROCK. OS on 120GB nvme. system 16gb RAM. Using USB cables.

Aries settings - AirPlay enabled and ROON - wasn’t sure on this

Suggestions welcome here and thanks.!

@support Solved. IN ARIES -_ Turn off software Volume control