Confused by smb setting for Network Share to second iMac set up

Apple MacBook pro and iMac both running osx 10.14. New download of Roon

You helped me access a NAS drive earlier. y , I am going for broke here and still haven’t a clue …

So Now attempting to access a shared iTunes library on a networked iMac. . I can access the second machine for file sharing.

I have tried lots of times so far to input correctly the location details into your Add network Share screen. It doesn’t help that I don’t understand whether I should be using your "smb"suggested input or not ( although I have tried both methods)

I am (currently) trying “smb://Mel’s iMac (2)/Macintosh HD/Users/Shared”

I also input a “Username and Password” - inclusion of which works for normal file sharing ( I can see the music files we want Roon to access)

Any suggestions?

Hi @Marc_Gillespie,

These instructions (<-clickable link) should help. You will want to make sure that you have configured the iMac for proper sharing settings. Also, if you’re trying to import iTunes playlist then this guide may also be helpful.

Noris, Thanks you for your very prompt reply and excellent guidance. Your instructions work perfectly . In practice i realised that my iTunes library was “pretty messy”. I copied a number of complete albums across to the NAS drive that you guys helped me access yesterday. I then used your instruction to access the iTunes music library on the second computer - in order to pick up the many stray tracks and random stuff that had collected there.
All seems to work well. I’m impressed so far, especially by support provided

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Hi @Marc_Gillespie,

Glad to hear that those instructions worked well for you! I will go ahead and mark this thread as [solved] but if you run into any other issues in the future don’t hesitate to reach out to us again.

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