Confused Entry for a Mingus Album

roon’s metadata provider (which in this case appears to be allmusic) seems confused about the Charles Mingus album, Shoes of the Fisherman’s Wife. While it has the list of songs correct, much else is wrong. First the album cover it provides is actually the cover for Mingus Dynasty, a different album. Then the (very brief) album description seems also to be about Mingus Dynasty but it mistakenly says that the song Shoes of the Fisherman’s Wife is on Mingus Dynasty. It is not on any version of the album I know of (and I went through Tom Lord’s discography). Shoes and Dynasty do have compositions in common, but the recordings have been differently edited on the two albums (Teo Macero had his splicing machine hard at work shortening the tracks for Dynasty) and the common tracks are in a different order. Further, not all songs on Shoes are on Dynasty and vice-versa.

If you subscribe to Allmusic (it’s free) you can suggest edits to metadata. If/when they accept your recommended edits, the changes will be filtered down to Roon. Or you can wait for the Roonies to make the suggested edits to Allmusic.

My experience is that allmusic pays little attention to corrections from individuals, but more to corrections from corporate partners, such as roon.