Confused over what I need to install for Roon with PC as base?

I’ve installed the roon Windows app, do I need to install anything else.
I see “roon Core” mentioned, but is that part of the Windows app or do I separately need “roon Server” as well?

I having trouble with my non roon ready/tested devices, such as Sonos Move, and also some Airplay and Chrome Cast Devices and wondering if I’m missing something.

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The Roon Windows app is an “all-in-one” app - it contains the Roon Core, the graphical User Interface (the “Control” component) and the “Output” component to drive the audio hardware of your PC and other devices in your network.

You don’t need to install the Roon Server as well. This contains just the Core and the Output components, and is intended for use in setups such as a Windows Server, that does not have a keyboard and monitor attached.

Please say something more about your troubles in getting your output devices to work, and we’ll help you.

Start with How Roon Works

Thanks for the response, here is a bit more detail.

Enable is referring to enable button in roon

Sonos Move - I can Enable (both sonos and airplay) but it won’t play anything. Both the native Sonos and the Airplay doesn’t work

Sony STR-DN1080 - I can Enable via Airplay again nothing plays
also the amp has Chromecast but it doesn’t show in the Audio options of roon.

Sony Bravia 4K GB - when I try to Enable via Chromecast in roon, the TV shows a roon loading spinner on the screen but then it hangs.

Bluesound Powernode (lastest one) the roon READY works (I think, I can see it playing but I’ve not hooked up speakers as I’m reorganizing), the Airplay option shows in Audio but doesn’t play anything when Enabled.

I know Airplay is an Apple technology, is the roon core running on a PC an issue, or does roon handle translating to Airplay?

Unfortunately my Mac is out of commission atm so I can’t test on that. But I was hoping to have PC as server anyway.

The software on all the hardware mentioned on latest versions

p.s. I know some people will be inclined to answer with rtfm, but it’s not working as advertised so that’s why I’m asking questions like “how do I set it up?”

Can you provide any more information or details about your network environment? As you are able to Enable/Disable devices on your network, it appears the Core is working, but there may be a network issue. Also, has the Roon Core found all of your music files and do you see them either in the Windows app or any of the Remotes you are using?

Running on Windows 11 btw
The PC with core can find Local files and tidal is sync’d.
On the PC in roon settings, instead of “Configure Roon OS Core” I have “Find Roon OS”
The remote on Android (Samsung Galaxy S21+, Android 12) is unable to find roon core. Also I tried an old iphone 6s and it also can’t find roon core.

When I try to connect to the Move it says “Lost control of this device”.

I have dual band router 2.4 nd 5ghz, tried PC with core on both bands and no difference.
All devices are wireless including PC with core

The Sonos app (on Android) can see the track that Roon is trying to play (although it doesn’t display a human readable name).

Just tested the Move with Tidal Connect and that is working fine.

Not sure what kind of network information you are after?

Roon app and Core are allowed through the firewall.
I disabled antivirus to see if that made a difference but no.

If your core is on Windows then Find Roon OS is useless, as you are running Windows. That is for finding devices running RoonOS on a network as it is harder to get their IP numbers.

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After you enable a device, you then need to choose it as the target output device. Are you doing that step?


Yes I am.
I and I can see it trying to play.
In the roon app UI on pc I’m using the selector in the bottom right hand conner to change devices, I can see it working on the bluesound powernode.

I switch to the Move then select play on the content, then see the connection, then it fails.

I hooked up the speaker to the bluesound powernode and that is playing fine as anticipated.
The rest is still an issue.

The Sonos speakers can sometimes be problematic. As I recall, the last time I lost Roon connectivity to my Sonos speakers I had to update each speaker using the Sonos app. Then it all worked fine. Worth a try?

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The sonis move is up to date, do you mean reset?

Even though I looked at the firewall settings and saw nothing out of place it turned out to be the firewall that was the issue.

Thank everyone for the support.

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