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I was trying out the updated search in Roon and decided to try a search I have done before but with patchy results. This time the results were much, much better. But I’m confused about how I am presented with results from my library (see attached). All the results are in my library and they contain 100% works by Shostakovich, but are split between Albums in library and Album appearances. What’s the difference, or more accurately why the difference?

Under Albums in my library, Shostakovich is an artist, whereas he is (correctly) the composer under Appearances in my library.

BTW, the screenshot is not from the search results; it is the artist/ composer screen.

Thanks @Martin_Webster for replying. I see, but still a strange way of doing it. I tried Handel and I get lots of albums in my library and they are not split this way. I’m not sure I know what you mean re not the search results - this is a screen shot from what appears if I tap on the magnifying glass top right in the app and type Shostakovich. Then a little drop down appears with some suggestions, and I tapped on the first in the list “Composer: Dmitri Shostakovich” so I wonder where the Artist results come in. And if it is as you say there is nothing to say this is what is happening in the displayed results, or am I missing this text somewhere?

The metadata determines the results. In the example, the album credits for the artist include Shostakovich. Change this and the album will move under appearances.

Screenshot from 2022-02-03 21-26-28

When you searched for “Dmitri Shostakovich”, the drop-down summarized the results. You could have seen the full results by clicking See all results, but instead you opted to view the relevant composer page.

Ok I see what you mean re metadata determining the artist v composer. The metadata must be in error. But the results displayed are still confusing - I didn’t know this is why they were split the way they were and that makes sense now - maybe it should say so? I opted to view the composer because that was the point of my search. I’ll try out “all results” but not sure why I would do that if I’m searching for a particular composer and the drop down is offering exactly what I’m looking for. I have to admit I’m still confused as to how this works but thanks for taking the time to get back.

It may be easier to understand using another genre. For example, Michael Stipe, has many albums shown under Appearances… including, REM, 10,001 Maniacs and Indigo Girls. However, he doesn’t, as far as I’m aware, have any eponymous releases.

In contrast, Elvis Costello does, so has releases under Albums in my collection and Appearances… where he collaborates with other artists, e.g., Lost On the River.

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