ConfusRoon and need your help

Morning Rooners… Running 1.7 and am really excited about the upgrades and possibilities. I have a few questions about choices that “should” produce a better listening experience. My rig is:

  • Aurender N100H (USB > DAC)
  • Ayre QZ5 twenty (DAC - Roon endpoint)
  • Audio Research LS28
  • Apple MacBook Pro running Cataline and is also my Roon Server. I have an external drive attached to the MBP that feeds music to Roon


  1. Roon recognizes the Aurender and allows me to select it for Roon playback (MBP>WIFI>Aurender>USB>DAC)
  2. Roon recognizes Ayre Dac as a Roon Endpoint (MBP>WIFI>DAC)
  3. Aurender N100H>USB>DAC (no Roon)

Which should give me better fidelity? What changes would you suggest that would enhance the experience? It’s a very puzzling problem to have and am looking for guidance. Future purchases are not an issue as long as they can be substantiated.

Thank you!!!

Tbh your the best one with the options to decide on this , only you can judge which is better as they are already available in your system in your home. Listen to the same music through each way and make your own decision. Do not rely on what others tell you as it only makes sense in the context of thier own systems and homes.

Thanks @CrystalGipsy but was looking for a more theoretical approach; that said, after listening to a single track multiple times through the various signal paths, I’ve concluded that roon through an Aurender is inferior because it uses airplay as it signal conduit to the Aurender. So comparing the two, the Aurender>USB>DAC offers better fidelity. No testing the MBP>DAC via Roon endpoint access for another comparison.