Congratulations are in order!

Awesome work in finally reaching your launch milestone. From here it will only get better!

Congratulations to everyone at Roon!


On time delivery! Great work. Now on to play…


Fantastic product guys, here’s wishing you every success with it.


A huge step up compared to Sooloos. Well done guys! Wishing you best of luck.


There are some nice beers in Munich…after the show I am sure you deserve something to celebrate. Really well done Team Roon !!!


I know we are supposed to use the like button … but I too just want to say
Well Done Guys do try to take some time to enjoy this fantastic launch.


oh my… what a day… just wanted to say thanks to everyone here for your help and support!

@rob @enno and @mike are in Munich drinking and having fun while the rest of us hold down the fort :smile:


Roon is an amazing product which brings the enjoyment of my big music library to a totally new level.

I wish you guys a rapidly growing satisfied user base.

Regards Peter

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Congratulations; its amazing how you don’t know what you’ve been missing until you experience it!

Cheers and good luck!

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I concur, this is a great product, wonderful job and I know you are barely out of the gates.


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I’ve not even tried the software yet, but second the above! Whole concept is great, and keep up the motivation on the execution!

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You’ve made it. You shipped.

You delivered on the promise of Sooloos 2 and freed our music from the burden of hierarchical lists and insulting interfaces (looking at you, J River). You created a beautiful, rich and fluid environment that is a pleasure to use and opens up new vistas on our music collections every day.

And yes – after all the pre-launch frenzy, you are now swamped with support issues, bug reports and feature requests. By going software only, you chose to cater to a diverse crowd: the tinkerers with exotic use cases, the old-school audiophiles with next-to-no affection for computers, the music lovers with ginormous collections. And no – you can’t please all people. At least not all of the time.

But we are united by the importance of music in our lives. And this time it’s personal: you truly have given us our music back. This is life-enhancing, on a deeply emotional level.

So, when the beer-drinking bunch returns from Munich, close shop for a day. Forget about us. Go out and celebrate.

You’ve made it. You shipped.

And I, for one, cannot state clearly enough how grateful I am you did.


I concur with this. You don’t know what you are missing till something like this product becomes available. Now I cannot live without it. Amazing job. This first release is well beyond any other first release of anything I can think of in recent memory. It has sprung fully formed into the world. And the user interface is incredible.

Nice job Roon!


Agreed! ;=)


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Hear hear!

Reminds me of the famous Jobs quote “A lot of times people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”. Well this is one of those things I didn’t know I wanted - but then I saw it :smile:

Congratulations indeed. A fantastic achievement!

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Ford, the guy who made cars, also told the public what they need, and not what they want. “If you ask them what they want, they’d say: a faster horse!” Until he showed them a car :oncoming_automobile:

In my own case very true. If someone had asked me what I wanted I would have said a better tool (for Mac) for managing metadata, and a standard, de facto or de jure, for applying it. That would have been a “better horse”. I would never have asked for a tool that actually provided those metadata, on all my tracks, and enriched them by orders of magnitude. That truly is a “car”.

Congratulations Roon. The support I’ve received from the Roon Team so far has been more than fantastic. A special thanks goes out to Kevin Pierson.


I totally agree with these sentiments. The product is already a music geek’s dream come true, and features in the works for a future release look very promising indeed. Despite being inundated with support questions, the response has been superb. I can’t imagine you can keep up this pace, but with luck the number of customer issues & queries will decrease as time and application stability moves on. Well done! I’m already teetering on the edge of pressing the “lifetime sub” button :smile: .

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I actually went for the lifetime subscription before even testing it. Roon is just what I have been looking for without even knowing and just by browsing the forums I am sure that any problem I might encounter will be solved by the guys from Roon Labs.
Thank you! :smiley: