Congratulations are in order!

This is a wonderful application, well done Danny and the guys :+1:

As a previously longtime high-end user of Naim, I have for years been requesting a richer experience from their control apps, based mainly upon better hyperlinking and relational database navigation for my music. Pretty much falling on deaf ears, such that I decided to move away from the Naim way. You guys have nailed it, superb integration of Tidal helps hugely, I really do feel the world of music is at my fingertips, well at least more than I can hope to sample!

Be very ironic if you suddenly became the go-to app within Naim streamers. But now, i am more interested in what you may cook up with Devialet :wink:

I too, am teetering on upgrading to ‘lifetime’, your first year of fulfilling features will be the crux. In the meantime, your regular contributions on the forum are very, very refreshing. Don’t know about anybody else, but I do feel I have hitched a ride on your ‘journey’ and I am having a ball :smile: