Congratulations “Roon” Budget Product Of The Year & Accessories of the year 2017 Stereophile

Read Stereophile Dec 2017 issued in Nov, page 52 & 54.

Congratulation Team Roon!

They write Votes were over whelming and no brainier.


To save some googling from those of you who, like me, may be less than erudite in acronyms, it has nothing whatsoever to do with toilet training and means Product of the Year.



Ha Ha Ha … fixed it… did not wanted to make subject lengthy

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Deserves this recognition, about time I say! - the team here is the best in terms of audio software development I have seen to date - they have allowed optionality for many audio manufacturers to get the best from their product leveraging from Roon’s software work - this is not broadly recognised as it should it be in my opinion, I hope these guys gather more critical mass in terms of subscribers and supporters so in terms of economics they can innovate and develop further for the benefit of us all here. Congratulations to the team here at Roon, keep up the excellent work!!


Cannot copy paste here or send out link, But typing first lines here.

Accessories Product of the year 2017: Roon 1.3
Notes … : Roon 1.3 received more first-place votes than were received by any other nominee in any category in this year’s Product o the Year contest - Nothing else came close.

Joint Budge Components:
ROON 1.3 Music App
Wharfedale Diamond 225 Loudspeaker
"Again Roon earned a healthy number of First-place votes: five. The Wharfdale won the same number of votes overall, but in a spread that included on fewer first-place vote than Roon … "

Its now available.


Congrats to Roon teams, well done guys!

Congratulations To All At Roon :champagne::tada:.
You Certainly Deserve This.

For Making Mine And All Roon Users Music Listening And Streaming, So Much Better.
For Not Mention Roon’s Community, To The Absolutely Best Forum To Getting Help From Other Roon Users And To Helping Others If It’s Possible.

So You Should Receive The Community Of The Year, As Well.
I Rewarding You With That Award.

Thanks All At Roon And All Roon Community Fellowships.