Conjunction of search criteria - problem

Is it possible to find and play all compositions tagged by a user tag and performed by a chosen artist?

My situation is this: I’ve tagged some compositions by a tag. All of them have several versions as they have been recorded by several artists. Now, I choose one of the artists and want to play all of the versions played by this artist.

I tried several ways to no avail:

  • go to the tag: no possibility to filter by artist
  • go to Compositions and add my tag: no possibility to filter by artist
  • go to Artists: cannot Focus (and Filter doesn’t find the tag)
  • go to Albums: this was close, I could add the tag and Focus on the artist, but the result is whole albums, not just the tagged compositions
  • as a last resort I tried going to Tracks, but here, after adding the tag, Roon starts filtering and doesn’t stop after a minute or so

Maybe I’m missing something trivial, I’m new to Roon and I find the UI rather difficult to use. I’m using Mac OS and iOS and the Roon’s UI works radically different that the apps I’m used to. Anyway, any suggestion would be appreciated.


Hello @Michal_Krupka and welcome.

I would have expected the tracks route to work, but like you I get a never ending jellyfish. Exploring further, you seem to have found a bug.

Applying a tag of compositions to the track listing produces

Critical: scx: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Notifying @support and moving this to #support.
(We don’t know yet whether this is a desired feature, or something that is there but broken)