Connect headphones with Roon

Connect headphones with Roon

Hello all,

I have 3 headphones from Sony, Sennheiser and Bower and Wilkins.
Unfortunately I do not manage to connect to Roon, neither via Bluetooth or Google Chromecast nor WiFi.
Which way is the right one? Do I need the associated app from the headphone manufacturer?

Roon Core
iPhone or IPad as Endpoint
Connect IPhone /IPad through Bluetooth to Headphone

The best way to connect is with a good headphone cable to a headphone amp. :sunglasses:
I’m using RoPieee on a Raspberry Pi as a streamer and either a Pro-ject Pre Box S2 and an Aune X7s headphone amp or an Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt with a powerbank as a mobile solution.


Unfortunately, I have Android and a Samsung tablet and no products from Apple. Sorry.

I do not want to have to connect the headphones via a cable, then I am not mobile in the room at all.

Are there any other options? Where can I find my headphones in the settings in Roon? How does the connection or pairing between Roon and headphones work?

Roon doesn’t connect to the headphones as such just to a suitable end point. So the headphones won’t show in the Roon path. In the same way the phone will not show as an endpoint in your core.

Roon will only show devices that are physically on your network that support either RAAT or one of the supported protocols eg AirPlay . Mobile devices do not show eg.

There are 2 iPads connected wirelessly to the network doing play and control duties but neither shows.

If you are using Samsung then you still have the Bluetooth option. Load Roon Remote on your Phone/Tablet , select “this device” as a Zone in the bottom RHS of the remote screen . Connect Bluetooth to your headphones and Go.

A word of warning though you will not get the best quality this way , Bluetooth is by definition not Lossless and you are at the mercy of whichever DAC is in the headphones.

My mobile solution is via an iPad , Apple Camera Kit and Audioquest Dragonfly Red , but is wired so not what you want. In the kitchen I use the iPad with a Bluetooth speaker that works fine.

Hope this clarifies

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I have a pair of Dali IO-6 haedphones that I can connect wirelessly to Roon when they are connected to my laptop via Bluetooth.

You need to configure the headphones in Roon Settings Audio.

I can also play Roon music to my smartphone when my Dali IO-6 is connected over bluetooth.

You can install the it’roXs! extension from @Boris_Schaedler on you phone. That works better than the Roon app.

But your music will sound much better if you connect your headphones wired to a Dragonfly or other USB DAC connected to your smartphone. And you will stay mobile. :sunglasses:

[quote=“Mike_O_Neill, post:5, topic:162116, full:true”]My mobile solution is via an iPad , Apple Camera Kit and Audioquest Dragonfly Red , but is wired so not what you want. In the kitchen I use the iPad with a Bluetooth speaker that works fine.

I do the same way, using an Ipad pluging an USB-C to USB-A adapter, then a portable DragonFly Cobalt USB DAC, that Decode the signal to a Shure KSE 1200 (Electrostatic IEM).

Would like to say that the diference between using the DragonFly in the Middle as DAC and connect the earphone direct to the Ipad DAC is huge in terms of quality and resolutio sound. And the Cobalt do an excelent work.

The direct USBC to 3.5 mm will have a DAC inside , I have a Moshi that claims 24/192 , doesn’t sound too bad, I also use a USBC to USBA. for my newer iPad

Mobile devices show just fine once you set them to be public. Open Roon on the tablet or phone, go to settings audio, you will see the mobile device listed, enable it, go to device settings and make the zone public. All tablets and phones are private by default. Once that is done, it will function like any other endpoint.


You learn something new all the time :nerd_face:

Thanks , I’ll do that

No problem. An old phone makes a great mobile endpoint, plug in some speakers.

I use my old iPad mini via Bluetooth in the kitchen, 6 yrs old and virtually no battery , a mains driven iPad :sunglasses:

I use the BluOS app to connect my BT headphone to my Roon end device (NAD C658) and it works. So it seems there is a solution if your Roon end device is BluOS capable. BluOS sees the BT headphone and provides an option to connect.

Just throwing this out there… you can get a dedicated streamer (I have WiiM Mini and the range is greater than Denon AVR and Sennheiser RF headphones) and listen to it via BT (Sennheiser Momentum 4s for me). it’s not Roon Ready yet, but will be shortly (by end of January at latest I believe). For now I listen to Roon via BT connected to my iPad until it’s included in WiiM as an endpoint (not too happy using Airplay to WiiM). My ultimate goal is to have one dedicated device for music listening so that I don’t have to rely on my cell phone or iPad to listen (because I don’t want app notification interruptions, phone calls, etc. coming through).

I fixed that my iPad has no SIM card , I block notifications as best I can :joy:

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