Connect Marantz SACD 30N to Roon

Hi, can anyone help please?

I have a Roon Ready Marantz SACD 30N cd player/streamer.
I have the Roon App on my android tablet.
I have set up Roon on my PC, and signed up to the free 14 day trail.

How do I connect the Marantz unit to Roon? Do I need another piece of kit? Can this be done wirelessly?

Thank you

I believe that you can do it via Airplay.

You need to go to Roon in the settings, head to the audio tab and select the marantz under the airplay option.

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Marantz’ manual seems helpful here, if I did read and understand correctly…

It’s Roon tested “only”, which means you can connect your Roon core/bridge directly via its USB-B or through a separate streamer via all its digital inputs to use it as a DAC.

Roon ready means network connected, with Roon seeing and being able to control all its functions, which it is not.

…that option limits bit rate/depth and format to PCM, since it would actually be able to handle up to 24bit/192kHz PCM and DSD@11.2MHz connected via USB-B as DAC.

So use USB-B and enjoy…

But if you want to use it wirelessly, you can use Airplay 2. That is good for CD quality.

If you want to connect it up via USB, you’ll either need to connect it to the core or an endpoint. A Raspberry Pi running Ropieee would work for that.

Thanks very much for your help and advice.

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