Connect Nucleus to a 272 amplifier

I currently am using a Mac mini as a core that is connected to my 272 via the optical out of the mini into the 272.

If I purchase a Roon Nucleus how do I connect it to my 272?

There is an audio out USB on the Nucleus, can you get a cable that’s a USB to digital to connect to the amp?


You have two options:

  1. Get a DDC (digital-to-digital converter) that goes from USB audio (from the Nucleus) to S/PDIF coax, such as a Singxer SU-1.
  2. Use an Ethernet-to-S/PDIF Roon endpoint, and place the endpoint on the same local Ethernet network as the Nucleus. There are lots of options here, depending on how DIY vs plug-and-play you are comfortable with. The Allo DigiOne Player with Shanti power supply is a reasonable starting point with little tinkering required, but there are a lot fancier/more expensive options, such as the Metrum Ambre, which I liked when I had it (moved since then to a different setup that does not need that kind of endpoint).

As the 272 does not have native support for Roon, I would get something like a Sonore UPnP bridge, and use the Nucleus over a network connection, which it will need anyway.

The cleanest way, allowing the Naim to use its Ethernet inputs is a UPnP Bridge that presents itself to Roon as a Squeezebox device and forwards to the 272 as DNLA.

The simplest way is a pi based endpoint with HAT with an SPDIF out.

You can of course keep the mini in place as a bridge only in the short term so don’t rush into a decision.

Thanks for the replies, to be honest I was hoping to be able to connect the Nucleus to the amp just by a cable.

Might just stick with the Mac mini for now.

Unfortunately USB remains the only method of connecting direct to a Nucleus notwithstanding the fact the 272 isn’t Roon Ready. That means there has to be intervention by other hardware which is a shame.