Connect Roon Nucleus with Lumin A1

Can I use Roon Nucleus (or Nucleus Plus) with Lumin A1? If yes, how I connect Nucleus with Lumin A1 by cable? Or only use airplay?

Put the Lumin into the same LAN, than your Nucleus. Enable Roon in the A1 and then you can activate the A1 as Roon endpoint.

Thanks. U mean only connect both Nucleus and Lumin in same internet then they connect each others by airplay?

Can connect both by cable? is it better than airplay?

You cannot connect your Nucleus directly to your A1.

BOTH the Nucleus and the A1 need to be directly connected to your router/switch via Ethernet cables. You will then be able to use your A1 via Roon.

You can Airplay to your A1 once connected, but you can also stream via RAAT.

Don’t use airplay (it’s limited to 16/44,1) but your LAN. The Lumin hasn’t WLAN, so you’ve take a cable for the network connection.

Its useful. Thanks all.

Just once more question, how better btw Nucleus and PC (install win10) to run as roon core?

The Nucleus is a ‘turn-key’ solution to running Roon.

It won’t ‘sound’ any different to the core on a PC/MAC/NUC, but it’s basically ‘plug ‘n play’, and very, very stable in my experience.

BTW, a great choice with the Lumin A1. It’s an absolutely beautiful streamer :grinning:

Thanks very much. :grinning:

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Just to let you know that Peter Lie from Lumin @wklie is a highly-respected member of the forum, and he’s always on hand for all things Lumin.

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Please connect both to your Ethernet switch.


If you have a PC that can be used for this purpose, install Roon on it first. After you have a working Roon setup and have become familiar with it, then you can consider other options for the Roon Core.

In Lumin app, enable Roon Ready for Lumin A1. If you have no use for AirPlay, you may disable Lumin Streaming.

In Roon, settings → Audio, find Lumin A1 under Roon Ready devices. Enable it and assign it a zone name. Sets its MQA Capabilities to Renderer Only.

Tks Peter. I did for my macbook (roon core) and Lumin A1.

Considering to buy Nucleus to use i/o macbook but if the sound quality is not much improved then keep using my macbook.

Please check the SQ with the MacBook running on battery with the charger unplugged from mains, versus running on AC power.

Tks Peter. Anyhow, can you share with me, as per your best experiences, how to set Parametric EQ to have best sound?


Please disable Custom re-sampling in Lumin app, and other unused features in the Lumin app (e.g. digital output, volume control, AirPlay “Lumin Streaming”, Spotify Connect if you don’t need these). MQA setting should be left as Analog Output.

In Roon, you may experiment upsampling to DSD64 vs bit perfect playback of PCM 44.1kHz files. See which sounds better to you. Disable volume leveling and leave the other DSP untouched unless you have a need for those.

In Roon please set MQA Capabilities to Renderer Only, and leave MQA Core decoder enabled.