Connect Roon + Sonos

I have Nucleus 2 (with music in the hard drive too) and a Naim ndx2.
I have Sonos (Play 1 and a Sonos Port plugged to my NDX2)
I can plays my Sonos, and my NDX2, but I am unable to group them. When I try to do so, system says they cannot be linked… It mentions RAAT and Private Network.
Not sure what to do…
Can you help ?

Hi Benjamin, Roon can only group similar protocols.
So you can group Sonos device’s together, Airplay devices together and ROON RAAT devices together.

Having recently linked a number of my Sonos via Airplay with other devices I have, they did not work well and different devices were slightly behind others.

Probably not the answer you wanted but hopefully helps explain

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