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I am setting up a new Computer with Acourate and an RME Multiface II Audio Interface. On the Roon setup Audio menu on the machine with Acourate and the RME interface I enabled the AISO output and everything works fine.

I want to be able to access this output from my other computers on my network but it is invisible on all of the other computers. How can I make it visible for my other computers on the network?

I suppose you could disable this function:

Find it under Settings-Audio-<the Zone you’re interested in>-Configure

Also, just to make sure this is not your issue, Roon needs to be running and have a “zone” enabled on the machine you intend to use as an endpoint. Just in case you were shutting the Roon app down after you set it up on the computer with Acourate and RME. It then should show up in the zone selector (click the icon next to the volume icon in the bottom right corner of Roon window) on the remotes running Roon that can access the same core.

If this is not the issue, make sure that your firewall allows your computers to see each other on the network.

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