Connecting a DAC through cable

**Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)Windows 10 on Lenovo

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Verizon router and a Verizon extender fed through Cable

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Description Of Issue

I currently use my wifi to stream the Roon data to an ipad touch and this works very well. However, I note that most stand alone DACs allow for a cable input. (do any allow for a LAN input?) If I split the cable to my extender (it is also already split to my Fios set top box for TV), can I use a cable to connect from the extender directly to a stand alone DAC?

I am not clear on what you mean by “cable” or by “extender.” In FIOS systems, that is generally meant to refer to coaxial cable with F-connectors similar to video cables. However, FIOS systems also support LAN connections over those cables (called MoCA).

I do not know of any DACs that will accept such a coax cable directly but some will accept LAN (RJ45) directly. In order to use them in the FIOS context, you need a small MoCA adapter (made by ActionTec) to split off the LAN connection. Is that what you are referring to as an “extender?”

Typically, DACs expect USB, S/PDIF (RCA or TosLink) or AES/EBU (XLR) inputs.

A “DAC” takes a digital audio input and only a digital audio input. The connectors might look the same but the signal is very different.

There are streamer / DAC combo boxes that handle both the network streaming front-end and the DAC function. Then there are integrated, all-in-one, amplifiers which can handle network -> speakers. A step up is a powered speaker which does everything.

The “network” input in most all of these is Ethernet in the form of copper / RJ45 connector. This has become pretty much the “standard” however there are lots of different network interfaces and standards.

The “cable” from the cable company is also a network technology but cannot access it directly. However, there is a consumer standard called MoCA (Multimedia over Cable Alliance). Within the MoCA standard you can use boxes to run ethernet over the cable and convert it from Coax to copper/RJ45.

Hope that helps.

No the extender is a second Fios router in a different part of the house, right ear you stereo. It seems that the first router extends the WiFi to the extender router over f connector video, COAX cable. The back of this router does have LAN PORT SO I COULD CONNECT A DAC WITH A LAN input. But many I see on line have a RF cable input. I know that internet and digital can go over coax

So could we assume that Fios uses a mocha?

You could come off the extender with an ethernet cable into a streamer (like a Raspberry Pi or Lumin X1) to a DAC and the DAC into your pre-amp. That would convert the network streaming protocol (RAAT) on the network to a digital signal (USB or SPDIF) that the DAC would understand.

I don’t know what FiOS is using in your home without having model numbers of the boxes. FiOS itself is a PONetwork.

EDIT: PONetwork not PON Network (network network)

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I am not familiar with any DACs that have any RF cable input. Can you point to one?

Yes, it uses MoCA (Multimedia over CoAx). I have FIOS and I use MoCA for extending my LAN over the coax wiring. I do not use it anymore for music streaming but I did so in the past.

Thanks everyone. Now I know what MOCA is. I thought it was odd that one router could connect to the second with Coax which is also split to serve the TV. So if I have a DAC with a LAN input that would work. Currently I am very happy streaming to the iPod touch. Plus it gives me a second small control device right at the stereo. But if I decide to wire directly to a Better DAC I can. Thanks everyone for teaching me the technology.

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