Connecting an NVME SSD to a pi2design Mercury V2

Hey all.

An excellent set of instructions was posted on another forum showing how to connect an internal SSD to a Volumio-based system
I posted requesting the same, but for a RopieeeXL-based system, but unfortunately, there’ve been no replies. Below are the details. I was hoping someone here could post the RopieeeXL equivalent

  1. Use Balena Etcher to copy the Volumio image to SD card.
  • Use web browser to setup volumio.
  • Follow setup instructions and set DAC = HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro.
  1. Allow SSH mode in Volumio:
  1. Create NVME SSD (I did this in Windows):
  • Create 1 partition.
  • Format in FAT32 so it can be read in Windows and Linux/RPi (may take a while).
  • Save your folders and flac files to the NVME SSD.
  • Install the NVME SSD in Mercury V2.
  1. Log into SSH via puTTY:
  • For host name or IP address, type: volumio.local
  • For login, type: volumio
  • For password, type: volumio
  1. Identify partitions and mounting points:
  • Use the command: lsblk
  • You will see a list of partitions. Note the partition and name of the NVME SSD (e.g., nvme0n1p1).
  1. Create a shared directory for the mount point.
  • Use the command: sudo mkdir /mnt/[YOURNVME]
  • For [YOURNVME], choose any name you want as your mount point.
  1. Mount the NVME SSD drive to the mount point:
  • Use the command: mount /dev/[nvme0n1p1] /mnt/[YOURNVME]
  • For [nvme0n1p1], use the name of your NVME SSD in step #5 above.
  • For [YOURNVME], use the same name your chose in step 6 above.
  1. For volumio, you need to link the NVME SSD to the music folder:
  • Use the command: sudo ln -s /mnt/[YOURNVME] /var/lib/mpd/music/[YOURNVME]
  1. Update the database:
  • Use the command: mpc update
  1. Update the /etc/fstab file to mount the NVME SSD automatically at boot:
  • Use the command: sudo nano /etc/fstab
  • Add the following line, assuming FAT32 format:

/dev/[nvme0n1p1] /mnt/[YOURNVME] vfat auto,user, rw 0 0

  • Exit and save changes to fstab.
  1. Update the smb.conf file:
  • Use the command: sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf
  • Add the following to smb.conf:

comment = NVME SSD
path = /mnt/[YOURNVME]
read only = no
guest ok = yes

  • Exit and save changes to smb.conf.
  1. Restart to apply the changes:
  • Use the command: sudo systemctl restart nmbd

Volumio and Ropieee are totally different “beasts” … RoPieee doesn’t have a library manager then it doesn’t make any sense adding a ssd


It is rather simple with ROPIEEE: You can’t.

The “dna” of RoPieee is to be an endpoint, simple and reliable.
And we are very happy with RoPieee as it is.
If you want something more then go with Volumio, moOde, GentooPlayer etc …