Connecting Bluetooth speaker

I am a newcomer to Roon. I want to listen some music via Android tablet to Bluetooth speaker. But cannot connected.

Android version 7.0, Bose Mini 2 SoundLink.

How should I do?

Hi Kazuya,

In Roon, to use the tablet as an endpoint, you need to go the Device settings and turn Private Zone to OFF. Then you should be able to stream music to the device. Next, you just need to connect/pair the device with your bluetooth speaker.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Kazuya_Ichimura,

A very delayed welcome to the Roon community :wave:

I am so sorry for missing out on your post for this long.

Thanks for getting in touch to find out how to best use Roon with your audio system. It looks like @Rugby gave you a great answer - thank you :pray: !

I was wondering if there’s anything that we can help with?