Connecting Core to 203

My Oppo 203 is connected to network using ethernet. It is also connected to Nucleus using HDMI. I use HDMI out of the Oppo to Bose. If you want to use the Oppo DAC, you have to use RCA out of the Oppo.

I think I can play multichannel using the HDMI connections, but I’m not 100 percent certain.

MCH = Multichannel? If so I’ve got some SACD .ISO files that I have converted to 5.1 DSF files. I play them directly through the oppo using their crappy interface, no Roon. If not multichannel and you mean a file with .mch extension, no I don’t have any.

I use the DAC on the Oppo-203 and 5.1 analogue out to Sunfire Theater Grand IV. Truth be told I’m not much of a fan of multi channel music. Neat once in a while but more of gimmick, IMHO. I do love me some 7.1 channel movies though on the same Oppo/Sunfire system.

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I have played some “multi-channel” files from Tidal and they play out of all 5 speakers using HDMI connections, but I’m not 100 percent sure if it’s playing multi-channel or what. I’m not a huge fan of it either. Music should be stereo IMHO.

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Just now playing this and I’m pretty sure it’s playing as 5.1. This is using HDMI from Nucleus to Oppo and HDMI from Oppo to Bose 5.1 surround sound system.

This Dolby Atmos sounds pretty good. I don’t have a 7.1 system, so I assume it is down converted to 5.1.

You guys might want to look at this thread for more info: Roon not playing multichannel through Oppo 203

I’m not sure what I’m hearing with this, but it certainly sounds like 5.1 to me. It’s Nucleus > HDMI > Oppo 203 > HDMI > Dolby Atmos TV > HDMI > Bose 5.1.

Marvin Gaye everywhere. Sounds great.

I have a NUC/Rock via HDMI to OPPO 205 with 7.1 analog and HDMI to a Denon 8500H. It does play MCH, receiver display is showing multi-channel input.

With HDMI to the OPPO you have the option of the OPPO doing the decoding with the 7.1 analog outputs to the preamp or the preamp will do the decoding over HDMI. If you don’t plan to use the OPPO 7.1 analog out then use NUC HDMI to preamp. It will play mch over HDMI either way.

Instead of guessing, why not just use a channel ID recording that will positively identify the output of each recorded channel? They can be found on many test discs.

Why? I don’t need to know. I use Roon to stream from Tidal and Qobuz. I didn’t purchase my Oppo 203 or Bose system for Roon. I already had them. I’m just interested in playing and listening to music. I did purchase a Nucleus for Roon, because I didn’t like running Roon on my laptop.

Fine. Others do and your speculation is not informative. It is either playing 5.1 correctly or it is not.

I agree.

If you want to point me at such a disc, I might order it. I don’t know that it would be a correct test playing from the Oppo 203 to Bose without using Tidal, Qobuz, Roon, or the Nucleus. I guess a file could be saved to my Roon database, but then I would need a CD player other than the Oppo to burn the file.

Send me a PM with your email address and I will send you a file that you can add to your database.

Thanks Kal for the test file. It played each of 5 discrete channels. It did not play on my subwoofer. This is using the Nucleus > HDMI > Oppo 203 > HDMI > Dolby Atmos TV > HDMI > Bose 5.1 connection. I did not try using the ethernet > Oppo 203 connection, but will later.

Was there a pause where the LFE should have been?

Anyway, that is a matter for your particular system. I have no experience with or knowledge of the “Dolby Atmos TV” or the “Bose 5.1 connection” or what they do.


Yes, there is silence when playing to my Bose subwoofer. It works when playing music from Roon, so not an issue for me. My TV is an LG65C7P OLED. It is Dolby Atmos capable, so I’m sure it’s passing whatever it receives from the Oppo 203. My Bose is a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system, not Dolby Atmos.

None of this really matters to me. However, you asked me to stop guessing and with your help I did. I think we confirmed that when using HDMI, the Nucleus can pass 5 discrete channels to the Oppo 203 and the Oppo 203 can pass 5 discrete channels using HDMI to a sound system.

I still prefer music in stereo and normally listen using the ethernet connection. That also gives me a visual image on my TV screen which I don’t get when using the HDMI connection.

One cannot be sure about what such devices will pass or not but, at least, we have resolved the basic question.

It’s a Dolby Atoms capable TV. I am sure it can pass Dolby Atmos to a Dolby Atmos sound system. That is what is it designed to do.

That expectation is often fraught with problems. I have no such certainty until they are tested.

If the LG Dolby Atmos capable TV’s could not pass Dolby Atmos to a Dolby Atmos capable sound system, they would have been pulled from the market 3 years ago.