Connecting Endpoint to Modi 3

Hey all,

Just getting my Roon system up and running with my Modi 3 and Magni Heresy arriving today!

My Roon server is currently running on a dedicated Ubuntu 20.04 box with a DietPi endpoint feeding the Modi through the USB connection.

Would I be better off going optical straight from the dedicated box? I’ve read all sorts of things like the USB and Ethernet sharing the same bus on the Pi causing noise and USB being flaky on the Modi.

In the limited time I’ve had listening, I think it sounds great, but I just want to make sure I’m getting everything I possibly can out of my small system.


Just try it. Use whatever you like better. Borrow a cable or order a moderately priced one if you don’t already have one. So many factors will give you little tiny subtle changes I find other peoples comparisons at this level to be way too dependent on your individual environment to be relevant. A lot will be dependent on your power supply, how stable the optical is on the dedicated box, etc.

My office set-up is USB right off the Pi 3B+ and I’m happy with it enough I’ve not even considered trying anything else.

Do let us know how the experimenting goes though.