Connecting Macbook Pro Roon Core to SuperUniti to give higher res

Hi, I’m currently running Roon Core on a MacBook Pro, using the optical out to connect to my SuperUniti. Although restricted to 24bit/96KHz this seems to work pretty well. Can anyone suggest a way though to connect the MacBook to the SU that would allow me to stream higher resolutions - I do have a few Linn downloads that are 192KHz.

USB, HDMI, RAAT. Anything but optical.

You would need to put something between the two.
1.A roon streaming end point device, the output of that device can either be digital sp/dif that then goes into the back of the naim and utilise it’s dac - or convert to analogue and into the analogue inputs.
2. A device that looks like roon to the roon server and then coverts it to upnp that the naim understands, the Sonore UpnP Bridge.

Thanks I’ll check both options but on first sight the Sonore UPnP Bridge looks ideal

Small correction. The UPnP bridge looks like a Squeezebox device to Roon and can then output to a selected UPnP device. It doesn’t make any difference but I’m in pedant mode today!

Thanks Henry - this is all a learning process for me so any information welcome!

Tomato… Potato.

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I would go for the Sonore too. It will feed Roon to any UPnP streamer that doesn’t support Roon. The new Naim streamers all support Roon natively, which makes life simpler, but at a cost.

Thanks Chris