Connecting Mojo 2

Roon Core Machine

Surface Pro 4 i5, Ram 8 GB,

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Comcast Router, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

This is the exact issue with my Mojo 2 that I have experienced before to me. I wonder why it keeps happening.

Now, under the audio settings, it only lists the Asio Chord 1.05. My Mojo 2 isn’t on that list. My Mojo 2 is listed on the Asio choice for the device.

Before it somehow corrected itself and gave me the option of choosing between Asio Chord 1.05 and Asio Chord.

Thanks for the help

I found the answer…I choose the WASAPI Intel, and there was my Mojo 2.
Thanks again

I said that too quickly. The WASAPI Intel I picked, had the name of the Mojo 2, but it had a speaker by it. Before it said Mojo 2 and had a picture of a mojo 2. This time it said it was playing the Mojo 2, but I couldn’t hear it.
How do I get the right selection again?

The selections I have to choose from:
1). ASIO Chord 1.05
2). Realtelt High Definition
Audio (SST)
3), Intel (R)
Display Audio
I think the one I need to choose is not there.

How do you “Find Your Device” page?

I couldn’t locate the “Find Your Device” page, so I tried to enable the “ASIO Chord 1.05” choose in the Audio setting. When I choose the Mojo, I received the message “Device initialization failed”
Now what?

Now, like before, the right Mojo 2 WASAPI appears, so everything is working.
I wonder why sometimes it disappears for a day or two?

The only thing I did was to download again the Chord Mojo 2 driver for Windows 10.
Is that why it appeared?

Hi @Don_Gilbert,

Thank you for your patience. Unless DSD is your preferred file type, WASAPI, as Microsoft’s inbuilt driver for audio devices, will more likely provide a more stable playback and connective experience with this endpoint.

Updating to the most recently available drivers from Chord is always a useful step. From there, you’ll want to make sure that the device is visible to Windows in your sound settings if it disappears as a Wasapi Zone in Roon.

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