Connecting multiple 7.1 analog devices to one set of inputs

Planning to add the Coleman 7.1SW to my surround system to connect OPPO 205 7.1 and exaSound S88 MK ii 7.1 outputs to the receivers 7.1 analog inputs. Hope to get one for Christmas.

I’ve read a few posts where this is mentioned and @mitr also mentioned it in some Stereophile articles. Seems to be the best option available for connecting multiple 7.1 analog devices.

Have questions for the 3 DB25 cables, 2 device inputs and one output to receiver if that makes any difference. The receiver and OPPO have RCA input/output connection while the S88 has both XLR/RCA outputs.

Is there any benefit or reason to use the DB25 with XLR connections for the S88 when all the other connections will be RCA?

Which DB25 cable supplier would be best for good quality without breaking the bank?

Appears the cables are mostly built on order and have a few options to choose from.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I mostly use the Coleman switch with all-balanced connections. The only unbalanced RCA source that I use with it and, only occasionally, is an Oppo player.

Are you asking about using it with only RCA unbalanced inputs and output ? I am sure that will work but their might be other options for that.

Yes, The receiver inputs will be RCA from the switch so I was curious if using the XLR balanced connection for the S88 would be beneficial if it didn’t continue all the way through. The S88 is the only device I have that could use balanced connections. None on the receiver. Had to use RCA for the NAD M28 amp as well.

Can you identify any particular brand for the DB25 cables? I see quite a few options online and not familiar with any of them.

There is no advantage in using the balanced connections/switch. I’ve use DB25 snakes from Seismic, Mogami and Vovox. All work fine.

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I found a website for Pro Audio LA with custom built DB25 cables made from Mogami 2932 & Amphenol Gold Connectors. All new to me. Appears to be a quality product with premium finish and a Lifetime warranty. We’ll see. Ordered the 3 needed in 4 foot lengths. Ouch. The Coleman 7.1SW has arrived, hope the cables get here by Christmas.

Thanks for the response.

Edit: I’ve read some information on balanced cable/connections and was initially concerned with the inverted signal and how that was handled with conversion to the unbalanced RCA. Had an email exchange with ProAudioLA and was advised they use the industry standard technique. The hot leg caries the original signal with only the cold side carrying the inverted signal. The industry standard, as I understand it, is to merge the cold side with the ground on the RCA side. I’ve read posts on other forums that discuss using the hot and ground pins with no mention of the cold side so I guess it is just ignored.

With the holidays the cables won’t be ready/shipped until the first week in January so I’ll have to wait to find out for sure if this is going to workout as desired.

The DB25 cables for the Coleman switch arrived on Jan 9th. Probably delayed by the torrential rains in California.

The switch box takes up 1U of rack space but I needed to reorganize the tall cabinet, move every shelf and rearrange the components, to fit it in with spacing for air flow. That was a lot of work and heavy lifting.

Moved the UPS systems to the top perforated shelf with the modem, cooling controls and exhaust fans. The Denon 8500 receiver is on the second perforated shelf from the top with an AC Infinity component cooler sitting on top of the receiver to pull the air through and direct it up to the cabinet exhaust fans. NAD M28 MC amp is on the next shelf below the receiver and also benefits from the component cooler pulling air up and through. Going down from there is the Coleman switch, Furman Elite 20, Oppo 205, TiVo cable box, S88 and last but not least the NUC/ROCK server on the bottom shelf.

The balanced switch works fine with all unbalanced RCA connections, OPPO 205 and S88 7.1 analog output to the switch, and switch output to the 7.1 analog inputs on the receiver.

Nice to have the OPPO 205 back in the mix as a Roon Ready player and SACD’s sound wonderful after a 2 year absence.

I know what a pain it can be integrating a new component into a system along with the abiding concern for it to all work when you turn it on. Glad to here it worked out well for you.

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Thanks Kal.

I’m happy its done and works as expected. My wife is happy too so I can get back to work on her list of activities for me.

Only item remaining on my system wish list is a JL Audio CR-1 sub crossover for 2 channel playback with OPPO and S88. I have space for one more shelf at the bottom of the cabinet so I won’t need to move stuff around again.