Connecting my iMac with Denon network streamer - will this work?

Hi all,

I have a modets set-up and am currently looking at hooking up my iMac running Roon to my Denon network streamer (DNP-730AE) I have connected to my stereo.

I have up until now streamed from the iMac to the Denon over AirPlay but recently read I can use an ethernet cable to connect? I do not have one at hand to try so my questions are:

  1. Will I be able to transport Roon from the iMac to the Denon using an ethernet cable (i.e. is the ethernet port on the Denon an “in” port or just “out”)?

  2. Any suggestions for a good value for money ethernet cable if the above works? I have heard good things about audioquest.

Many thanks!


While you could try to use an ethernet cable to connect, you would still be using Airplay as the protocol. If your current situation is working, what issue are you trying to solve?

Hi Daniel, wouldn’t Roon be using the cable instead of AirPlay?

I just wanted to get the highest audio quality.

Isn’t AirPlay AAC?

Airplay is the transport protocol whether via WiFi or Ethernet. Roon has it’s own transport Protocol, RAAT, but for you to use that the Denon would have to have that code in it. And I do not think it does.

Ah I see. I did not think of that.

Thanks for clarifying!