Connecting my laptop to nucleus?

My Nucleus is hardwired via ethernet to PS Audio Jr (by way of the home network, the PS Audio piece is also hardwired). I still have periods of Roon pausing and stalling, requiring multiple “quits” to get it to start playing again. I use an Eero based wi fi system and I assume my laptop (I control Roon from it) is sometimes on a different band within Eero than the Nucleus / PS Audio may be?

Is there an advantage of I were to use a long (10 feet at most) USB C cable from my laptop directly to the Nucleus which sits 5 feet from my listening position?

Would this prevent the periods of “stalling” or will my laptop still communicate to the network wirelessly as a priority rather than sending commands to the Nucleus via the USB C output ?

USB will not work for that purpose.
Either use Ethernet or optimize your WiFi setup.