Connecting PC to network player (roon ready) with Ethernet not USB

I’ve heard that Ethernet connection is better than USB connection for sound quality.

So, I searched the instruction/guide for it, but I couldn’t find out.
Is there any way to connect PC to network player with Ethernet using Roon/Roon Bridge etc…?

  • Roon is installed on PC
  • Music files are stored in PC
  • PC and network player(actually dCS Vivaldi Upsampler plus(v2.0)) are connected to a router
  • The router is connected to the Internet

My Audio Setup in Roon’s setting doesn’t show my network player(the Upsampler) for connection. (airplay connection is shown though)

If I install Roon Bridge on my PC, does Roon’s audio setup show the connection to the Upsampler?

Do you have the new Vivaldi firmware? If you don’t, you will only get offered Airplay.

I see that you have the 2.0 version so this is OK.
You have to install Roon Core on the PC.
Software “Roon” or “Roon Server”.
Then the dCS must show up.
If not, PowerOff the the dCS and router.
First PowerUp the router again and then the dCS.
In the router software give the dCS a fixed IP address.
(this is not really necessary but…)
Then the dCS must show up as RoonReady


I thought the 2.0 firmware for Vivaldi Upsampler was released many months ago, whereas the Roon Ready firmware is completely new. They are not the same thing, I thought.

But I’m only a Rossini user, so maybe I’m wrong about that…

It appears that the Upsampler’s firmware needs to be updated to the latest version. I will try it after getting confirmation from my dcs dealer.
(Actually the Upsampler is not mine (I borrowed it from a local dealer)).

Thank you

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I tried as you suggested but still the Roon doesn’t show the connection to the Upsampler.

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Here is the one and only solution: contact your dealer…

:relaxed: I think so. Thank you for help.