Connecting Roon Core to Macintosh MA5300 integrated amp

I’m confused about how to connect the Roon Core on my linux desktop computer to the McIntosh MA5300 amp that will arrive tomorrow. The amp has a digital USB B input, so I assume I will need a USB A to USB B cable. But should the A end be connected to a USB port on the desktop or to a USB port on my router? I ask because, in my current setup, I use an Ethernet connection between my router and the BluOs module in my NAD C368 amp … there is no direct connection between the desktop and the amp. Finally, whichever way I connect the McIntosh amp, the length of USB cable would have to be more than 15 feet, which I understand could degrade the signal quality. What to do?? Thanks in advance, and sorry for my degree of ignorance!

This won’t work.

Other people here may suggest you to use another piece of hardware to run Roon bridge.

If you ordered the MA5300 without the DA2 upgrade, I’d suggest you use our Lumin T2 or D2 product with analog balanced XLR output to the MA5300.

Give McIntosh a call. They are very helpful.

Yes, thanks, McIntosh support was helpful. The correct connection is from a USB port on the desktop computer with the Roon core to the USB input on the amplifier, using a USB A to B cable. The bad news is that McIntosh has only written drivers for the Windows and Mac OS, not for linux, which is all I use. I could get the computer to recognize the amplifier, but I could not get the Roon core to communicate with the amp. My solution was to buy a Bluesound Node2i (in for a penny, in for a pound), which connects to my router (and, indirectly, to the desktop) via Ethernet cable and connects to the amplifier via a COAX cable.