Connecting ROON to Soulution Dac 560 via QNAP NAS

Hi Folks

Please advise as to how I can integrate ROON into my network
Library. First off the interface, and ability to experience my music is

OK. ROON server is installed on a QNAP TS-453A NAS Device.
The QNAP is completely up to date. QNAP NAS install (v1.01). I can see all my
albums and artwork. FAB!

One problem, I cannot stream from ROON to my Soulution 560
DAC via Ethernet. Ethernet is the best connection, and sounds better than all
of the other digital inputs. The Ethernet connection is on a separate switch,
so connection path is shortest. No QOS or port blocking is going on, as the
switch is a plain Netgear 1Gb.

Thinking that the issue may need the bridge software, I
installed this on a VM within the NAS, as it gives this functionality. I can
see the bridged PC via ROON remote, but no player or option to stream to a
player is available.

Is this not supported?

Will there be an option in future if not now?

Soulution 560 DAC Specs:

LAN Input
PCM Bit depth 16 - 24
Bit Frequency 32 - 192 kHz
DSD Bit depth 1 Bit
Frequency 2.82-5.64 MHz
File Formats
FLAC (Free Losless Audio Codec)
WAV (Waveform Audio File Format)
MP3 (Mpeg Audio Layer 3)
ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec)
AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)
AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format)
DSF and DFF (DSD stream file)
DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition)

Your Soulution is not RoonReady so won’t show up. Talk to them and see if they plan to support Roon and make it Roon Ready in the future. See this for a few more details.

Meantime it should work via USB but it does seem that many prefer Ethernet.


I had a quick look at the specifications for the Soulution 560 D/A-Converter … and I don’t believe it supports Roon’s RAAT network protocol.

Thus Roon will not be able to stream to it directly via the LAN … you would need to add a device running Roon Bridge such as the Sonora microRendu or similar … the 560 would then connect to that via USB.

You could ask if Soulution have any plans to support RAAT… that would be the most elegant solution.