Connecting to an OPPO 203 [Resolved]

I have a MacBook Air and I have Roon Server running on the MacBook. However, I can’t connect to my OPPO 203. I go to Network on the OPPO and look and nothing can be found. Any suggestions.


have you enabled the Oppo in roon audio settings?

I have an Oppo 203, it will not appear in Roon if it is in standby, make sure you have it powered on.

I found one issue I was not connected to the correct home network. aargh!

When I go to music I cannot log in. I don’t know where to find my username or password


Listening to mine right now.

Settings>Audio> Enable

I disabled my HiFiBerry for the thread. Hit the gear wheels on the right to enable/disable.

Yes that helps I see my OPPO on the audio screen. On my OPPO it wants a username and password and it doesn’t like my Roon name and password. I’m missing something.

Hi Robert,

Is your username the one at the top of the Roon ‘Robertsimac2?’


I don’t need password to access the Oppo…Roon has a password.

If your music is on a NAS you may need the user and password for that?

When I go to Network on my OPPO it finds my Mac. Then there are 3 folders Photo, Music, Video. When I click on Music it asks for my username and password. This is where I’m getting stuck at the moment

I figured it out. No login required, it just plays


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For the record, that is not using Roon to stream to the OPPO endpoint. That is using DLNA/UPnP on the OPPO to stream from network storage.