Connecting to Anthem receiver (HQ Player error message)

Why can’t I see my audio option when I try to play to my IP audio option, it says “Can’t connect to HQ Player”?

Hi, can you provide more details of your setup, as per this the [Reporting An Issue]
(I'm having a problem with Roon -- where do I report it?) post. Try to include as much information including screen shots as possible.

Hi Carl, i have my Roon on my I MAC as a core with a network -1 , i have another network at home in which most
of my audio (refernce stereo system & home theatere ).
what i am trying to do is to connect Roon with my Anthem reciever on my other network.
when i go to audio on Roon it only let me add to HQP, even though t i have edit the right details of my Anthem
reciever ( IP ) it always when i press play on Roon “cant connect to HQ player”.
i was honestly thought that roon can stream to any audio option on my home network,which is one of the reason
i was so excited to try it. Am i doing something wrong? or i cant make roon stream to all my audio devices?
I hope i am more clear now in what kind of issue i want to solve with your help.

Hi Shlomo,

Can you explain what you mean by “other network” ? Is your IMAC located at home or at another location ? Roon doesn’t currently support connections to distant networks. Some people have managed it using VPN, but performance is heavily dependent on available bandwidth and unsupported by Roon.

Roon can’t automatically stream to any streaming device. The device must be Roon Ready to stream using RAAT. Roon can also stream to AirPlay, Meridian and Squeezebox devices.

The Anthem receiver is not Roon Ready, so Roon is unable to connect to it by Ethernet or WiFi using RAAT. If the Anthem supports AirPlay then you could use that.

You could directly connect from the Core computer using one of the coaxial, optical or HDMI inputs on the Anthem depending on what outputs are supported by the computer hosting your Core.

You could also connect to the Anthem from another computer running Roon as a Remote or running Roon Bridge. You could then stream to that computer.

Alternatively you could use a low cost bridging device like the Sonore SonicOrbiter SE or a Raspberry Pi with DigiPlus or IQAudio boards. That would receive audio by Ethernet and output coaxial (or optical with the SOSE) to your Anthem receiver.

This KB page may help explain the various components of Roon and how they connect.

The Add Network device dialog you are using in Settings/Audio is limited to adding HQ Player connections at the moment (you will see HQ Player as the only option when you click on it). HQ Player is third party DSP software that can have a Roon audio stream sent to it. You are seeing the error message because Roon is looking for HQ Player at the specified IP address and not finding it. You won’t be able to connect to the Anthem using this dialog but will need to connect in one of the ways outlined above.

Hi, thanks for clarify things for me. you did say that i might connect to my Anthem via remote .
Let me explain what i have first,since i have many devices based on local internet,i have 2 routers with different
lines. they both on my local home so they are not out of my home.
my Roon Core connected to my I MAC which is not the same router as my Anthem is . so what i am trying is to be able to stream from my IMAC thru a remote of roon in which i have on my laptop Windows 10 on the Anthem router.
i have tried to connect to my Anthem from my Roon remote on my laptop but couldnt even though they are both on
same network. My question is if there is a way that i can stream my content from my Roon remote on my laptop?
Or is it impossible because Anthem is not on Roons LIst?
If i understand correctly you do say that i can stream to Anthem using my laptop as Roon Remote “You could also connect to the Anthem from another computer running Roon as a Remote or running Roon Bridge. You could then stream to that computer.”
If so can you guide me on how to do that please.
My Roon Remote is installed on my laptop Windows 10 and it is on same network as my Anthem.

Roon devices have to be on the same subnet..

Once you have the Core IMAC and Remote laptop on the same subnet and the Remote can see the Core and control it, then connect the laptop to the Anthem using a coaxial, optical or HDMI input on the Anthem.

You will only be able to stream (Ethernet or Wi-Fi) from either the laptop Remote or IMAC Core (or any other Roon installation) to the Anthem by

  • AirPlay (if the Anthem supports it);or

  • RAAT if the Anthem becomes Roon Ready.

hi, i see. no stream by wifi unless Anthem become Roon ready.
Thanks for the info …