Connecting to Chord Hugo 2

Roon Core Machine

New Apple Mini M1 with 1TB Samsung USB SSD & Bluetooth & Roon Core App
Also used to rip CDs onto NAS using Apple “Music” App
Also used to sync the SSD with the NAS backup using FFS “FreeFileSync”

Networking Gear & Setup Details

BT HomeHub Router
Synology DS220J with 35,000 FLACs wired to Router

Controller Apps

iPhone 6s with Bluetooth & Roon Controller App
Windows 10 on Laptop and Bluetooth & Roon Controller App
Also used to edit FLAC Metadata on NAS using Windows “MonkeyMedia” App

Connected Audio Devices

Cyrus Stream X2 wired to Router
Chord Hugo 2 wired from Stream X2, and Wireless BT input, and feeding…
2x Cyrus Mono amps, and then PMC Fact Speakers

Wireless WiFi to two Google smart speakers and Chromecast TV

Number of Tracks in Library

35,000 FLACS and a few dozen Lossless Apple (AAS?)

Description of Issue

(1) I’m wondering how to select music using Roon (from Tidal &/or NAS) to come out of the HiFi, if that is possible?

I can send music from the NAS (but not Tidal) to the Cyrus Stream X2 using mconnect, but not yet using Roon.

(by the way…)

Also I can send music from Tidal to the Hugo 2 by bluetooth from my phone, (which I guess decimates the bit rate?) But I cannot configure the Cyrus Stream X2 to receive Tidal since Cyrus has withdrawn support for Tidal. (Even though I paid Cyrus £300 to upgrade the firmware to support Tidal and disable the remote control in the process).

I’m sitting at the Roon App on Windows and the Hugo2 is not an option for the speakers
I tried Select “System Output” and redirect to the Hugo2 by Bluetooth, both on the Windows laptop, but nothing comes out,…

I also tried the Roon App on my Phone but it crashes as soon as you select anything

As far as I can see from the Cyrus documentation online, it does not support Roon.

Absolutely right.
Whereas the Chord Hugo 2 is listed as supported and comes up in the software as an option. I’m wondering how to add it in to my configuration. Perhaps Roon requires the Hugo to be hardwired for input from the Computer where either the Controller or the Core is running? Or maybe Roon connects to it from one of its computers using Bluetooth? Or perhaps the user connects a controller or audio device to the Hugo 2 by Bluetooth? I’m not sure how to set up devices in Roon!

OK. Problem Solved. It’s simple, just click on Menu->Settings->Audio
and then “Enable” the Hugo2.
At this point the music begins, but is chopped up in bits. Jitter. Interrupted.
I think I’ll guess the Apple Mini should be hard-wired to the router,
so it can fetch music by wire, and only use the WiFi for BT to the Hugo 2 ?
Let’s see if that helps…

Roon Core should have wired connections. As for the Hugo 2, Bluetooth is not a high quality source. You could get a Chord 2go to pair with the Hugo 2. That is Roon Ready, with an Ethernet input that works really well, and WiFi that works well for some (but not for others, for unknown reasons).

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I would never use bluetooth with a $3K Hugo 2. You didn’t say how the Hugo is connected to the Cyrus but I’m going to assume it’s USB. You could build a Raspberry Pi with Ropieee to feed the Hugo 2 using either the USB input or the optical input. That would bypass the Cyrus, but you don’t really need it for Roon. By keeping the Hugo connected to the Cyrus using the input you’re not using for the Pi still gives you the option to stream from the Cyrus using non-Roon methods as well. Best of both worlds.

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2go is a £1,000 solution and makes the Cyrus Stream X2 redundant.
Actually I’m running out of patience with Cyrus.
I think I’m going to trade in the entire Cyrus Stack and go over to Naim.

That might give me a ROON Ready Streamer.

Yes, Naim seem to do a much better job with Roon. Even the entry-level Mu-so Qb 2 (I own one for spare rooms etc) works perfectly with Roon, over WiFi or wired, no fuss, out of the box.

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OK. New approach.
Bluetooth should not be mentioned in a High End system,… so:

I have the Roon Core on a Mac Mini with SSD for the 35,000 FLACs
I have Roon on a Windows laptop connected (tethered!) by USB to the Chord Hugo 2

I know it’s supposed to be a networked system, but I want to try Roon on my HiFi,
before I upgrade to a fully compliant (Naim NDX2) streamer.

I first downloaded and installed a Windows driver for the Chord Hugo 2.
Then in Roon I select Settings->Audio-> the ASIO Chord Hugo 2 devices,
and Roon immediately crashes and disappears.
Before I can read the error message in red.
I then have to start Roon again.

Any suggestions what to try next ?