Connecting to Core while away from home

I’m a new Roon user, and really love the software. I have Roon 1.4 installed on OS X 10.10.5. I would like to access my core while away from home using the iOS app. My Core is on a Mac Mini. It appears from other posts, that others have accomplished this by port forwarding TCP 9100-9200 and UDP 9003 on their router. I’ve enabled this on my Verizon FIOS Quantum router, and tested connecting on my iPhone at home with the wireless turned off so the phone is connected through Verizon’s LTE network. The iPhone app can’t connect to the Core, and the app shows “Waiting for Remote Core”. I have Accept connections from remotes enabled, and the iPhone app connects to the Core when connected to my home wifi. I currently have the OS X firewall turned off on the mini.

If anyone is successfully connecting to their core when away from home and is willing to assist, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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Many have tried…but you will need a vpn connection if you are even remotely hoping to get this to work…some have succeeded I believe but as yet I too have not and I have a good deal of networking background.

One thing at a minimum is being granted an IP address in the same range as the network the core is on.

Now with 1.4 iOS playback I might just revisit this, but do a search on VPN and remote here for some more info.

I use a product called Subsonic to access my library remotely. Its not the Roon experience but good enough for music on the go.

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I found it quite easy with TeamViewer, which passes the remote machines Audio output to the machine you are viewing on. The main problem was network stability and throughput, and of course the experience was on the clunky side.

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I wonder if Roon can implement this as an actual feature. Would be most excellent. Not just the ability to browse and play your music from away from home, but also to perhaps edit some basic metadata - primarily ratings.

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Thanks wizardofoz. That gives some small amount of comfort knowing it’s not just me. I use JRiver while away from home, and it was very easy to get set up. Hopefully this can work with Roon somehow as I would prefer to use it.

Thanks Tony. I can use JRiver to access my library when away, but it doesn’t have the Tidal integration features that Roon has.

It is on the cards … can’t recall if its committed to the Road Map, but its been requested many times in feature requests

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Well, I’m part of the way there. I have a NAS with a VPN application. I configured it, but had to change the IP address range to match my internal IP address scheme. I used the NAS VPN utilities to setup the VPN port forwarding on my router. I turned off wifi on my phone so I was connected over Verizon’s netowrk. I connected to the VPN, and now my iPhone connects to my Core. So close, yet so far. The problem I’m seeing now is that there’s no audio zone for the iPhone to choose.

As to be expected with audio end point discovery happening from the core. The discovery doesn’t traverse the vpn segment of the network.

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Thanks for that information DrTone. I wasn’t aware discovery initiates from the core end. I was hoping it was just a port forwarding issue.

If some are serious enough about a semi-permanent solution at an alternate home or at your office. An OpenVPN TAP Server at home and a hardware OpenVPN Client with WIFI capabilities remotely would work. Basically 2 routers, the second at your remote location is in AP mode doing a VPN connection home. Your cell phone or any device would connect to the remote AP’s wifi and be part of your home network.

The key is the VPN connection has to be a bridge not the normal routing VPN. OpenVPN TAP is a layer 2 bridge network.

Of course this might be hard to get past security or IT at work.

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Thanks. Yes, I couldn’t set that up at work. My goal in addition to playing my library at work would be to play it while in my car, etc. Oh, well. Hopefully, it will be a feature that could be added some time. I’m loving Roon. For now I’ll use JRiver for playing my library when mobile, and Roon at home.

I understand it is an official goal to move the whole of Roon out in the cloud.
Then you can access everything everywhere. (If you have net). And we save money on hardware.

Another thaught is that the iOS devices and similar now is so powerful that maybe they can act as Roon core (light version?), and you have your music collection in the cloud. You will get unlimited cloud storage at around $99 for a year.

I hope Roon start to add more cloud support.

If you install a firewall like ipCop that support OpenVPN at office or home, then you can be a road warrior as it is named, and you will be connected to your nets anywhere as if you where at the local site.
I’ve used this a lot. But not yet with Roon.

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I am with you in that JRiver has been the only easy way I have found to access my files from home. I had to do a bit of configuring in my router to port forward but it was so easy to just put in the access credentials and the library appears on my phone or tablet (or my remote computer at my office) pretty instantly. I was able to use iPeng in a similar way.

So has anyone just uploaded all their music files to Dropbox and then used the integration with Roon for that? I’m wondering if that would make it easier to access remotely since you would just point to your online Dropbox folder. I didn’t look for a thread on that subject yet, just thought to ask it here. I pay extra for a lot of storage for my work at Dropbox and have a lot of spare capacity. I certainly would not want all my documents and all to populate in Roon though ha ha. I could open a second Dropbox account but they (Dropbox) do not allow users to have more than one account on a computer without paying big bucks for a commercial account.


It won’t work from iOS, OpenVPN TAP isn’t supported on iOS or Android. That’s why I mentioned the second router at a persons remote location.

I have all my files synced to Google Drive where I had more space available than Dropbox and my collection is available … Just not through Roon.

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It’s not stright forward.

Google road varior openvpn ios, you should find a working recipe.

Let me know if you think spread misinformation, cause there may is a small chance I’m wrong.
Remember you must have a private fiirewall that support OpenVPN, so you can create your own .ovpn and .p12 file

I actually don’t know what OpenVPN TAP is.

It’s OpenVPN in a bridge configuration not a regular routed VPN connection. You need the bridge (Layer 2) so the Roon core discovery will find endpoints connected to the VPN. The discovery won’t traverse the separate network segments of a regular TUN OpenVPN network.

iOS and Android both will do OpenVPN TUN but neither will do OpenVPN TAP. OpenVPN TAP is the secret mojo needed to get Roon working completely.

So is my suggestion TUN or a TAP ?

I think it’s TAP.
And I think those links is also TAP.

Am I still wrong ?