Connecting to Musical Fidelity Encore 225

Hi! I’m new to Roon so please bear with me! I’ve got iTunes all loaded which is great but no idea how to find all the music stored on my Encore 225. Can anyone offer me a simple step by step solution?! Many thanks!

I don’t think Roon is able to see music files store on the Encore since this device doesn’t provide a network share–I am assuming this because loading files is done via a web browser or attached USB drive.

Thanks Martin and yes, it does seem that Roon can’t see the music files on the Encore. They are actually loaded by ripping CD’s. I guess I will just have to play these separately or connect through the Sonos Connect Box if I want to play this source through the other speakers. But then I might be able to to play them via an optical input lead to the Bluesound Node 2i box which is recognised by Roon. It’s a complicated life!

You could also export them from the Encore to a PC drive. They suggest doing this for backup anyway. Then you just point Roon to that backup.

Thank you!

Has Roon been able to recognize your Encore as a zone?
I’m looking forward in buying one and it’s my only concern.

Hi Jerome, nope the Encore hasn’t been recognised as a Zone but no problem in recongising the Bluesound Node 2i. Having said that, I can play anything off the Bluesound into the Encore via the opitical output lead, so no problem playing music off Roon & Tidal!. Obviously, it would be better if Roon could access the music on the Encore…!

Thanks for the reply, I’ll stick to my Node 2i for the moment then.