Connecting to Synology NAS

Searched and read other answers but I can’t find an answer to my very basic question. What exactly should the file path be?

The path shown on my NAS when I click on properties is as below

/volume1/iTunes NAS/iTunes external/Music

However if I add smb:// or smb:/// to this I get a “cannot connect” error message. If I include the name of my NAS “Synology1” I get the same error.What am I doing wrong??
Many thanks for any help in this.

Synology DS216 +11
Macbook Pro
MacOs Sierra 10.12.5
Roon 1.3

This is just the local path within the Synology filesystem.

The regular smb-line to connect to a shared folder on a Synology is:


So for example, if your shared folder name is “iTunes NAS” and your IP address of the NAS would be you have to enter

smb:// NAS
(Replace the IP address by the IP address of your synology!)

Also enter your username and password and also check in the Synology administration if the user has permissions to connect to that shared folder.


Thanks for your help. Finally got it working using synology1/itunesNAS also turning on SMB helped…

However, why is my iTunes path now changed to Users/davidtanner/Library/RoonMounts/RoonStorage_99d4e70b7626de4405886f63327d5d2d7608ba4f/iTunes external ???