Connecting usb dacs to the Allo Boss Player 1.2?

I recently got 2 Allo Boss 1.2 players to add extra zones in the house. I tried connecting another USB dac to the usb of the Allo boss and sure enough I got another zone, pretty cool. What is the downside to this? Could I have just bought one Allo Boss Player and added multiple USB dacs to it? Or is that a “noisy” way of adding extra zones since there is no isolation between the Raspberri Pi portion and the usb dac unlike the Boss dac?

I have run more than one DAC off a Raspberry Pi out of curiosity. It isn’t a problem. What is potentially a problem is if you want these zones in another part of your home then connecting via USB over the maximum 5 metres is not advised. And frankly I would say the shorter the better.

Got it. So what I have done is run speaker wire though-out the house that ends up in my server closet. That way I just need mulitple amps/mulichannel amp with various endpoints connected.