Connecting USB port on Nucleus One to PC input on Technics SU-G700 MK2 (ref#078ENQ)

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Can I connect one of the USB ports on my Nucleus One directly to the PC input of my Technics SU-G700 MK2?

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Can I connect my Nucleus One directly to the PC Input on my Technics SU-G700MK2 using the proper cable?

Yes, It should work as, accoring to the specifications, the SU-G700M2 provides “USB Audio Class 2.0, Asynchronous mode” on its PC USB-B port.

So the USB ports on The Nucleus are audio outputs?

The USB ports on any computer can be used for audio. The Nucleus is just a computer - albeit with a very specific purpose.

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awesome! Thanks a lot! My Nucleus arrives in 4 days! Looking forward to it!

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