Connection error while trying to login

I haven’t used roon in months. Started it up again today and getting a connection error while trying to log on. I’m using it on windows 10.

I’ve tried: uninstalling and reinstalling 3 times, changing DNS to 8888 8844 (and 1111), reset network settings multiple times, reset modem multiple times, reset pc multiple times, deleting cache, unplugging and plugging modem back multiple times, disabling ipv6, completely disabling firewall.

Nothing has worked and I’m extremely frustrated.

Garry, this may be a trivial question, but as you were able to log in to the forum, are you using the exact same username and password to log into your Roon Core? What error are you receiving when you try to log in? Is your subscription up to date or do you have a lifetime license?

Hello Robert, I am, after posting my thread here I managed to log in somehow but after trying to configure tidal onto it it would not allow me so I closed roon and it sent me back to the login screen with the error: “network error:please check your internet connection”. My subscription is currently a free trial for some reason, I had a free trial before on this account but it gave me another so that’s what I’m currently using. Even trying to use forgot password gives me the error.

I’m wondering if this has to do with the free trials. I am tagging @support to flag this and see if anything needs to happen on your account.

Thank you, I also noticed microsoft store isn’t working for me as well so I’m not sure what’s going on. Maybe it’s a related issue?

I fixed it by following the instructions in this video: Fix "Can't Connect to This Network" Error On Windows 10 - WiFi & Internet [2022] - YouTube Thanks.

WELP, disregard tidal logged in successfully the first time now its tidal login fail. I still need help

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back to the same network error as above… EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED!

Apparently this has nothing to do with roon and my computer is starting to corrupt which explains a lot of issues I’ve been having recently with it. Canceled the membership will be back when I get my computer situation sorted.

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