Connection Failure on install

Is the LED blinking with half a Hz? As decribed over here:

Furthermore, have you followed the instructions on the screen and enabled the extension in Roon?


Apparently I am missing something.
It seems I need to install some version of Roon on another machine (Windows 10) in order for it to run on Ropieee on the Rpi 4.
When I try to install Roon on my older Sony laptop I get the WGL driver warning and am unable to fix that.
I see a Roon bridge for Linux but have no idea how to install that on the Pi 4.
Sure am glad they make this easy!

I have not seen any on screen instructions about enabling extensions in Roon.
Do I install Roon on a PC and link to the RPi4 via a browser? Or will Roon do that from a PC?
No one seems to spell this out.

ropieee is software to create an endpoint. If I understand your posts above correctly, you do not have a core running anywhere on your network (wouldn’t install on your sony laptop?). RoPieee talks to your core, if you don’t have a roon core setup anywhere, that would be your first step. That is independent of ropieee.

Enabling the extension is done in a remote under settings/extensions.

Ask more questions and I’ll try to walk you through it.


This may help -

I appreciate your patience Sheldon.
My laptop will not install Roon for that WGL driver problem I seem unable to fix. Tried an older desktop running windows 7 and got an “Instance of an object” denial…
What do i need to do to get Roon to run on my RPi4 ?

Perhaps I picked the wrong version or type. The video drivers on the laptop shouldn’t matter for a simple setup screen.
Will I need Roon forever on the laptop or another PC,?
Or just long enough to setup the RPi4?,

The problem is that “Roon” in it’s entirety will not run on your raspberry pi.

Slim pointed to sme articles, but I’ll summarize in a couple sentences:

Roon as a system consists of three parts: Core, Endpoints, and Remotes. These can all be on the same computer, or split out to three different machines.

The core holds the database which contains links to the locations of all your music files, and all sorts of metadata that it read from your files and also grabbed from it’s own servers. This is the brains of roon and is responsible for squirting the music from wherever it is stored out to the endpoint.

The endpoint is the part that receives the music data stream and plays it. This could be a soundcard in a computer (the core computer or other computer on your network), a USB DAC, an audio streamer etc.

The remote is the user interface to the core and shows you all the music you have in your database. The music could be local storage in the core computer, or files out on the network somewhere or tidal or qobuz music. Remotes are what you’ll be interacting with to play your music.

So, to answer your question, you need another computer to host the core, the rPi can’t do it as the core requires an x86 based processor for linux. So you’d need to install the roon server on either of your PC’s. You could use the rPi as an endpoint or possibly a remote. Although the computer you have or a tablet or smart phone would probably make a better remote.


Thanks again.
So how do I install the “Core” on the laptop?
And will it allow the necessary setup on Ropieee?

Pick the vesion you want, download to a PC or Mac and run the install.
That will be your Core

I think this indicates an out-of-date video driver. Install the latest driver for your laptop video by going to the Sony site. Sometimes people find using the 32-bit version of Roon works for them.

If that doesn’t work for you, then instead of the complete Roon package install RoonServer.

RoonServer doesn’t have a GUI so you will have to connect to it from the Roon Remote app.

Once you get Roon up then using Roon interface from the Core machine or from your Roon Remote device, enable your RoPieee from Settings==>Audio
Don’t worry about the name. I renamed my RoPieee to Selene.

When you get stuck, and you will, come back with where you are having problems and someone will help.

You have two choices in the downloads section.

Roon: This is an all-in-one installer that I’m guessing installs the core, and bridge code as well as the remote app. I’ve never tried that software because I knew I wanted a multiple box solution.

Roon server: This just installs the core and the bridge software to allow playing devices on the machine.

I’m guessing you tried to install the “roon” above which for some reason if failing. You might want to download the roon server instead. But you should also read the above linked articles to get an idea of the why’s and hows of what is going on with roon.

hope that helps,

Edit: Senor fishguttz explained it better than i while I was typing. But I’ll leave this here in case you find it useful. But look up, it’s better.

Waiting for Roon remote to install on phone.
Roon Server (appears ) installed on PC.
Is the “connection Failure” displayed on Ropieee referring to Ropieee not seeing Roon Server on PC?
I used parts of the setup screen on my browser connected to ropieee.local.

Phone app sees Rpi 4 and one album (Cowboy Junkies-Pale Sun Crescent Moon) on PC and even the Hifiberry DAC+ Pro.
No music yet. Ropieee still says connection failure.

Got Alanis Morriset’s new album playing from Tidal but Rpi 4 still reports Connection Failure.
Would like Album art, menues etc to display on screen.
What to do now?
It’s on phone, but would like to browse from touchscreen next to listening chair.

A few basic questions: did you enable the endpoint in Roon settings (eg, using the Roon application)? Did you set the Display in the RoPieee GUI to attach to the exact name of the Roon zone (which you set in Roon Settings)? Some screen shots might make it easier to help you.

The only settings I’ve seen are FROM the RPi4. on browser
Roon server never showed up on desktop (laptop with big monitor).
Phone notes the hifiberry RPi as the “souce” named ropieee.
Are settings available on phone app which is “Remote”?
Or can I get Roon on phone.
Thinking I am going to build a music only PCwhich Roon should install on.
But would like RPI4 and 7" touch screen to work now AND with new PC.
Thanks again for your patience.
Should you ever drill an oil or gas well, I’ll make you a good deal on geologic analysis.

I think you will need to launch the Roon application (try this on your laptop or desktop PC) and enable the display extension. And, from the browser, make sure the Display tab names the zone correctly in the RoPieee configuration settings.

The guide linked above by @spockfish might actually be helpful to you?

Roon won’t work on laptop due to some video driver issue.
It is running Roon Server. which I control from Android Remote (phone)
Will have to wait for new PC for Roon to work

Why? RoonServer is running and you have an Android Remote.

Hook up your networked RPi running RoPieee to RoonServer and to your DAC and you’re GTG.
It should look like this -
Laptop==(Ethernet)==>RPi==(USB cable)==>DAC

I think you still don’t understand Roon topology.

You may need to do some homework and read the appropriate documents.

BTW - I meant to answer this before -

If you have Ethernet, you don’t need WiFi.

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