Connection failure with build 142 [Firewall]

I updated to build 142. My iPhone now reports that it finds the computer running Roon, gives the IP address, reports that build 142 is stable, but then says “connection failed”

Any suggestions?

It’s even worse than I first thought.

Not only can’t I connect from my remote on an iPhone, I can’t play to any of my endpoints at all. It doesn’t play to my apple tv, or my airport express and doesn’t even see my squeezebox.

All three are hardwired via Ethernet.

Roon is running on Windows 10, i5 16 gb.

I’ve tried rebooting the windows PC and rebooting the apple tv. No luck.

And now the iPhone app reports that it is looking for remote libraries.

Well, I tried everything I could think of: rebooting everything in sight, from the router and switch to the windows PC to the access points – nothing. I uninstalled Roon and deleted every file associated with it that I could find, and did a clean reinstall – nothing.

Finally I started poking around in my windows settings. Eventually I found some firewall setting that was blocking some of Roon. I had not changed that setting myself. So I don’t know how it got changed to block some of Roon – whether a windows update did it, the update to build 142 did it, or some weird interaction between the two – but it appears that somehow a firewall setting got changed without me changing it.

So I fixed that and finally it is running again.


Thanks for letting us know about your solution.

A few years ago I had zone alarm firewall in my office, and every time there was an IT issue it was the first thing they said to turn off the ZoneAlarm and in invariably it made no difference.

In one instance again it was suggested I turn off ZoneAlarm and I told them I bet you 50 Euro it has nothing to do with ZoneAlarm.

I lost !

Now that Roon needs firewall permission it is a good place to start when major connection issues raise their head.