Connection Failure with official 7” Raspberry Pi Display

Roon Core Machine

HP Laptop Intel Core i7 CPU 2.60GHz 32 GB Ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

HP laptop is connected by Ethernet cable to a Luxul 26-port/24 PoE+ Gigabit Managed Switch model AMS-2624P. This switch is connected by CAT6 cable to a Xfinity xFI Gateway Router model name CGM4331COM by vendor Technicolor.

Connected Audio Devices

A Raspberry Pi 4 B running RopieeeXL is connected to the official 7” Raspberry Pi display with a case from Cana Kits. The RPi is connected by USB to a Topping D30 Pro DAC.

Number of Tracks in Library

3000+ tracks

Description of Issue

The Album Art and Music Controls aren’t accessible on the official Raspberry Pi display.

After setup of the RPi and display was completed, there is an Error message which states that a Connection Failure occurred. The RPI is enabled in Roon Settings/Audio. The name I assigned the device in Roon is D30Pro. This same name is assigned on the online Ropieeexl page for the RPi under Display - Roon Control Zone.

The album art and music controls are not accessible on the display screen. The clock is present on the display after a 10 minutes delay upon rebooting.

I can play music through the RPi running Ropieeexl using the Roon app on my iPhone.

Unique Identifier 546adffac7ddddc1

I moved your post to the appropriate forum section - good luck!

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Thanks. I don’t know how you were able to assign the tag Ropieee. I didn’t see that option. Could you please explain?

Did you activate the extension under roon settings extensions…the names must be identical…read the how to on

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If you go to category “Audio Gear Talk” and then scroll down, there’s it…

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Thanks for your question.

I’ve checked the Extentions section in Roon each time I’ve rebooted the RPi. The message I get is “No Extensions Discovered.”

Let’s see what Harry gets from the feedback @spockfish

Any screens shots of the display tab?

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No the web page for ropieee

In your case

Are you using the old build or the new NG version?

I am using the latest version of the software.

That is certainly not the latest version.
Could you download a fresh image and try again?

@spockfish Thank you

I followed your advice. Initially, I did see the album art on the display. During the following configuration and reboot, I received the Connection Failure massage again.

This is the version I’m using:

Ok. Now we can look further.

So, most importantly: have you enabled the extension in Roon?

The message in the Extensions section states,”No Extensions Discovered.”

Turn off your windows firewall…I’m making an assumption here as you haven’t indicated it’s windows but you did say HP

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Click View, then authorize.

I’ve tried to do that without success. The Extension section is empty.

Can you send feedback?