Connection Failure

Describe My Setup

Roon Rock (OPS: Version 1.0 (build 158) stable; Server: Version 1.4 (build 298) stable)
Device: NUC7i5BNH
M.2: Transcend TE 850 120GB
Storage: WD MyBook 4T Attached to the NUC

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Board
Software for Pi: Ropieee 2018/10/01

AudioOutput: Benchmark HDR1 USB DAC (connected to the via USB)

Describe the Issue

I am able to play music through the Pi to the Benchmark DAC. However, I only ever get the “Connection Failure” screen, so am unable to see information/album cover of what is playing and control the music from the Pi touchscreen. Note that this “connection failure” screen does time out to eventually show the Ropieee clock. The Pi with Ropieee was working once upon a time, but no longer. I have ensured consistency in the use of the name, “ropieeeDisplay”, across both Roon and Ropieee. Any ideas?

I pressed the feedback button in Ropiee, yielding the following ID: 77c87fb1b40c8dab

Thank you,

Have you enabled the extension in Roon —> Settings —> Extensions ?

The screen saver is set on the display itself, and is not connected to Roon.

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Actually, the extension wasn’t enabled. I forgot re-enable it when attempting to re-install Ropieee. However, it seems to have changed nothing after correcting that issue. I am still getting the “connection failure” screen, but still able to play music.


Can you reboot?

I rebooted both the Roon and Ropieee, but still makes no difference.

Can you send me new feedback?

Ow… and where is your Roon server running?

Thank you, Harry and Nathan.

Ropieee seems to be working now. However, even after enabling Ropieee in the extension tab in Roon (and rebooting the NUC and the PI), I was still initially having problems. It may have helped that I switched Roon servers to my PC temporarily and then back to the NUC, because it was only after doing that Ropieee started to work properly, which it has been doing now for a couple of days. In case you are interested, I did hit the feedback button again (be21771f9820966e). As to the question, “where is my Roon running”, I am not sure what you mean. It is connected wirelessly to my router; PI is connected to the server by ethernet cable.

Thanks again, for helping me resolve this problem.


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