Connection intent to times out

Roon Core Machine

Roon core on custom PC (Intel i5-8600K, 16GB RAM), Ubuntu Server 20.04.4

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Core Ethernet-connected to router.

Description of Issue

This morning Roon cannot authenticate my Tidal account, connections from Roon core and from browser to time out. I can’t configure my Tidal account in the Roon client.

03/18 08:36:42 Debug: [easyhttp] [2329] GET to timed out after 30001 ms
03/18 08:37:12 Debug: [easyhttp] [2332] GET to timed out after 29999 ms
03/18 08:37:42 Debug: [easyhttp] [2333] GET to timed out after 29998 ms

This eventually times out:

I have restarted router, restarted Roon server, rebooted iMac Remote, and I renamed the Cache directory on the server and restarted Roon server again. No help…

Edit: Hmmm, something bigger going on… Can’t load Google homepage anymore. Other pages load fine.

After establishing VPN connection to server in USA, I was able to authenticate my Tidal account on my Roon Remote. Connection attempts on my Roon core server still time out (no VPN). The problem seems to be with my ISP…

Edit 2: Problem resolved, all ok again. Sorry for the false alarm. Problem was local on my ISP’s side.

Good. Thanks for the update!

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