Connection issue on NUC12

Ok guys, this afternoon I installed Windows10 on the NUC (it was a mess because I have to reformat the SSD in NTFS). Once installed, the NUC and my router had the green light blinking, but not able to connect to internet. Therefore I can’t update the driver of the Ethernet port. I have a message that Windows does not detect any adapter… Haaaaa!!!
I will update this post once I have an update from Intel.
Thanks for your help

I am getting confused now, why are you suddenly installing Windows? Plus Geoff already mentioned that Windows installation does not have an ethernet driver for a similar NUC:

There is an option during Windows installation to add device drivers. You have to download it from Intel I guess and put in on some drive that you can attach. This is Windows 10 but 11 should be similar:

Or install the driver after the installation, like any other driver

If you’re going to the trouble of installing windows, you may try updating the NVM as I linked to above.

…although it’s possible the NVM only applies to windows…

I have contacted the Intel customer support for help. They want to troubleshoot the network issue using windows software. Probably to update the driver of the Ethernet port in Windows to see if the port is ok or not. I will do everything they want to fix the issue. In case everything goes bad they will send me a new one. In case if it works, I hope it will serve the Roon community in the future.


I see, makes sense :slight_smile: I feel with you

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I was troubleshooting the NUC with the help of Intel Customer Support.
What I have done:

  • I have installed Windows 10 on the NUC (I have to reformat the SSD to NTFS since the previous installation of Roon software has formatted the disk to FAT32. Thanks Google!).
  • once Windows 10 installed, I have updated the driver of the controller using a USB flash drive.
  • after rebooting the NUC, it was immediately connected to the router. Yeeaah!
  • finally I reinstalled Roon software and all is fine.

A happy Roon user :grin:


Interesting. This sounds like it was a firmware update for the NIC? I wonder if that wouldn’t have been possible without having to install Windows? (Dell machines, for instance, can update firmware from the BIOS via a USB stick without any need for Windows. It’s quite common). Anyway, glad that it works, enjoy

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Do you mean you installed Roon for Windows, or do you mean that you overwrote Windows by using the ROCK installer to set up Roon OS and Roon on your NUC?

I overwrite Windows 10

OK thanks. On another point, what do you see for Audio devices on the NUC in Roon’s Settings > Audio screen? Something like this?

Yes something like that

OK, then you are seeing the audio devices on your NUC12. Good.

Yes it works really fine.


Are you seeing your HDMI ports?
HDA Intel PCH HDMI 1,2,3,4?

Also confirming you are running ROCK?

Yes I’m running Rock. If you want to know if I see the hdmi port on setting > audio, no.

Happy you got it sorted!

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I have the similar situation. Bought a brand new NUC 12 and freshly installed the ROCK. It does not see the HDMI audio output. Does it mean I need to un-install the ROCK and install Win 10 with all the updated Audio drivers. Un-install the Win 10 and re-install the ROCK again ?
Many thanks.

I asked you if you were seeing the HDMI ports earlier, and I thought you replied that you were? So you do NOT in fact see the four HDMI ports?

I don’t see it but for me it is not a problem because I don’t use them

It seems like that :grimacing:. But honestly the entire processus to update the hdmi driver could be done in less than one hour…