Connection roon to volumio for panel lcd

Part. I need to send a signal from roon on pc to volumio on pi4 and then go out for usb to dac.
the bridge is out of the question because it is bypassing the volumio system.
airplay is out because it cuts the quality to 16/44.
you know other forms of transmission to volumio to have maximum quality but that the signal goes through volumio. the idea is to display the roon data on the display under rpi4.

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I seem to remember that you must install Roon bridge plug-in from within Volumio set-up in order to make it an endpoint - should be fairly straight forward…

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Yep, good catch, just moved it over

it is and the sound is playing, but the signal is not transmitted to the volumio, so nothing can be seen on the display

Expected behavior. Roon is a music player not a movie player or anything like that. Open a browser on Volumio (if it comes with one) and point it to Roon’s display URL. Documentation for Roon’s display feature:

Else, switch to RoPieeeXL which I assume comes with pretty much the same (connectivity) feature set as Volumio and an integrated Roon Web Player extension. Depends on what you need/want.

The roon bridge in the volumio works as it should, it passes the signal, but it needs the data to enter somehow into the volumio in order to use the volumio for the peppymeter tilt indicators on the lcd screen.

Sounds like something you have to figure out yourself. Maybe some user here is able to help you with that, but more likely someone on a Volumio or peppymeter support/user forum can assist you with that. RoonBridge just sends audio data directly to alsa devices.

You cant have it through volumio as it doesn’t support the transport streams natively in the app. That’s why you have to install Roon bridge. Volumio would need to natively be Roon Ready for this to happen or use Roons API to pull the info but this would need to be done via Volumio Devs. If you want a display with Roon on a pi you need to use Ropieee which is built as a Roon endpoint.

Not really helps him make the peppymeter VU-meter display plug-in (seems to be what the OP means when he talks about display) for Volumio work with music played through Roon and I guess there is no peppymeter or similar in RoPieee.

There is no out of box solution, it requires code to be written to perform the task in Volumio. It works similar in Ropieee only Roon will show on the display of your using XL version you get nothing from Spotify, NNA, UPnP or Squeezelite as they all use a different pipe for this stuff as does Volumio.

colleagues and a different approach.
if airplay gives me a signal on the display, and raat gives the expected quality. can I send the same sound to both zones at the same time?
how to do it so that the airplay zone sends sound, but that the usb output does not overlap with raat (usually mute zones or, for example, give as hdmi output to cheat it?)

Nope you can’t group zones of different protocols I am afraid. So you would have to start them manually. But you would need two DACs to achieve this as you cant have two streams running to the same
audio output device at the same time due to how alsa works. One player has to take control of the audio output. So you would need a DAC connected to each usb port one enabled as airplay the other as RAAT. Unless you can assign airplay to the 3.5mm out just give up you trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, use airplay or just don’t bother.

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